Jim Ross has posted yet another blog entry. Below are some of the highlights:

On Marcus Cor Von:
I am aware of the personal, family issues Marcus Cor Von is addressing at this time and admire him for his allegiance to his family. However, for us to discuss, wouldn’t be the right thing to do in my opinion. Trust me when I tell you, Marcus is doing the right thing and will hopefully be able to return to the WWE sooner than later.

On Working With Tazz As Opposed To Lawler:
I have never had any issues working at the announce table with Tazz and have enjoyed our opportunities to work together at ringside. However, I am most comfortable working with Lawler and I think we do a decent job even after all these years. The decision as to who the broadcast teams are isn’t mine but I do think I would be informed if such a major decision were to be made. I think this is simply a runaway wrestling rumor with little or no basis in fact.

On SmackDown! Creative Team Member Michael Hayes:
Michael Hayes is simply being himself, which at times is a pain in the backside, but never boring on the WWE 24/7 Roundtables. Michael likes to engage in conversations and is never at a loss of opinion and simply lets it roll. That’s why the Rountables are so interesting and entertaining to me as they are not pre-written, rehearsed, or staged in any way.

On When We’ll See Harry Smith:
When are you going to see Harry Smith? When he is ready, and he is apparently not ready. Plus I am not sure I am sold on the “new” Hart Foundation concept, if that is the idea, but I do think the young Harts have a great upside, nonetheless. I also might be wrong, gasp, re: attempting to replicate the original Hart Foundation. Back to Harry, he is evolving nicely in the ring from what I am told and is working on his personality and charisma as he is a naturally quiet and polite young man.

On Austin vs. Hogan:
Never say never except when predicting Hogan vs. Austin. This ain’t gonna happen, brother!

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