Jim Ross recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso to promote the release of his new book called Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling, which comes out on October 3.

During the interview, Ross was asked if he’ll ever return as a full time commentator on the SmackDown brand, and while JR is more than happy to fill in if he’s needed, he has no desire to do commentary full time.

“I really do appreciate when people think of me for an opening. If WWE ever needed me to fill in, I would certainly do it with no reservation. Now, is it something I want to do full-time? Absolutely not. It’s a young man’s game, so let’s continue to develop these new guys.

I’m thrilled to have my WWE jersey back. I’m going to do between 30 and 40 dates a year. I am happy to fulfill my obligations. If I’m needed for more, I’m ready, but I do not want to do 52 weeks a year. WWE is going to use me if the weekly U.K. show comes to fruition, and my hope is that I’m involved in that show with Nigel McGuinness.”

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