The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On getting a job as an announcer or referee in WWE: “One would go about getting a TV job at WWE just like any other broadcast entity. They seem to require a college degree in the field now and some outside the wrestling business experience so that candidates can build a reel.”

On Scott Hall or Bobby Heenan on The Ross Report: “Scott and I have discussed him coming on the Ross Report and I’m sure that we will some day. Heenan would be a great one, obviously, under more positive circumstances. I’m lucky in that I have no shortage of guests and our podcast is growing every week.”

On memories of Roddy Piper: “Just building a relationship with him after we had both been in the business many years before ever meeting. I enjoyed talking about a variety of things with Roddy. He was unique and will be missed.’

On if WWE will be able to pull off a four-hour SummerSlam show: “Yes, to varying degrees but some won’t be too through or deep. There is one match at Summer Slam that will sell the show and that is Taker vs. Lesnar and the rest is support material with the exception of a potential Rollins Vs Cena title vs. title match.”

On why WWE has never hired Mike Tenay: “That would hae been a TV department decision and one that I would not have been in the loop for whatsoever. Mike could have helped WWE in many ways especially now with the WWE Network.”

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