Joey Ryan recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated after he bought a house for half a million dollars, showing what the independent wrestling scene has done for him. Below are some highlights:

Buying A House

“This is possible because of the support from the fans of independent wrestling. Without those fans, the whole independent wrestling scene wouldn’t be as prominent as it is.”

Independent Wrestling Fans

Ryan spoke about being able to work with Home Alone star, Macaulay Culkin, and how it was only possible because of the fans.

“That goes back to the support of the fans,” said Ryan. “I have a lot more room to be creative, and that creativity does not have lids, limits, or ceilings. That is because of wrestling fans.”

Power Of The Internet

“A lot of people like to disparage the internet, but the independent wrestling scene is thriving because of the fans on the internet,” said Ryan. “The fans have made professional wrestling a performance art, where we can try these ideas. Some of it falls flat, which is how art works. But if you don’t try the things that fall flat, you also wouldn’t find the ideas that catch on.”

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Sports Illustrated