Two days after winning the NXT title at TakeOver XXX, Karrion Kross will learn more about his immediate future at a doctor’s office.

The new champion separated his right shoulder Saturday in his win over Keith Lee and confirmed with ESPN that he will be getting an MRI Monday to determine how badly hurt the shoulder is and how long he will be out of action.

He told ESPN’s Marc Raimondi that he doesn’t think any absence will be for a significant period of time.

“(Due to) how I feel and what I’ve heard, I don’t know. I’m very intuitive with my body. And the range of emotion that I have right now, while it’s not what I would like it to be, for me personally, it would indicate to me that I’m going to get be able to get through this without any sort of extreme measures, so to speak. In my opinion, today,” he said.

WWE announced Sunday that Kross was getting an MRI after sustaining “a separated acromioclavicular joint”.

Despite sustaining that injury following a Lee clothesline, Kross was able to finish the match, hitting a Doomsday Saito to win the title in just his seventh NXT outing.

“I feel mixed emotions right now. The whole situation is very bittersweet. I think from a natural place, I’m always a very motivated individual. I’m a solution-based thinker rather than a pity-based thinker,” he said.