Kyler Murray has not yet quashed the height concerns, yet another is popping up.

Though unease over Murray’s 5-foot-10 frame has recently been overshadowed by his eye-popping athleticism, the Heisman Trophy winner alarmed multiple NFL teams during interviews at this week’s scouting combine, while apparently demonstrating intangibles unbefitting a franchise quarterback.

Charley Casserly, the former longtime NFL executive, heard some wildly negative reports from around the league about the intriguing quarterback’s mental makeup.

“He better hope [Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff] Kingsbury takes him No. 1 because this was not good. These were the worst comments I ever got on a high-rated quarterback, and I’ve been doing this a long time,” said Casserly, formerly the GM of the Redskins and Texans and now an NFL Network analyst. “Leadership — not good. Study habits — not good. The board work — below not good. Not good at all in any of those areas, raising major concerns about what this guy is going to do.

“Now, people will say we’re going to compare him to [Patrick] Mahomes, we’re going to run an offense like Mahomes, we’re going to run an offense like Baker Mayfield. … But these guys are much different. Those guys, you never questioned them about their ability on the board, you never questioned their leadership ability, their work habits. They were outstanding in those areas. This guy is not outstanding in those areas and it showed up in the interview.”

Longtime NFL executive Scot McCloughan, who worked with the Browns as a draft consultant before the team’s selection of Mayfield, also shared concerns last week about Murray’s pro prospects after watching the soft-spoken 21-year-old speak with the media.

“I saw his interviews during the Super Bowl and they were awful,” McCloughan told The MMQB. “Awful. And to be a legit NFL quarterback you’ve got to have leadership qualities, like Baker. I know we drafted him in Cleveland so I’m probably a little biased, but he controls the room. He walks in and it’s like, whoa. Watching Kyler do an interview it’s like, ‘C’mon, guy, what do you got? Give me something.’ I’m sure they’re trying to train him up, but the thing about it is, that’s his personality. He’s just not a go-getter. Doesn’t mean he can’t be a good QB. Just means he’s not gonna be the guy in the locker room. Brett Favre was the guy, Russell Wilson is the guy, Mayfield is the guy. He just doesn’t have that personality. If I was still a GM it’d scare me.”

Kingsbury has long been linked with Murray, saying even before he got the Cardinals job that Murray should go No. 1. But if Arizona passes, who knows how far the former Oakland A’s first-round pick would fall?

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