If you’ve ever attended a superhero-themed birthday party, behold the Kardashian-Jenner version. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott celebrated Scott’s April 30 birthday a little early yesterday by hosting their own Avengers: Endgame screening at the Thousand Oaks Cinépolis Luxury Cinema. This wasn’t just a movie date though: Jenner had the theatre decked out in balloons that said “Husband” and had a cake that said “Husband” on it too. (That cake also had Scott in an Iron Man costume on it, Jenner dressed like Captain Marvel, and their daughter Stormi on there.) Guess they aren’t bothered by rumors the the couple secretly got married:

But before going to the theater, the couple dressed up as Captain Marvel and Iron Man for an Instagram moment. The costumes looked straight from set, they were that realistic.

“happy end game everyone,” Jenner posted on her first Instagram of her and Scott posing with Stormi Webster in front of a matching red Ferrari. That Instagram already has 7.7 million likes this morning, by the way. The two did not, however, go to the theater dressed like that. In photos later taken there, both are wearing much more causal clothes for the screening.

Kim Kardashian was also there and shared an Instagram Story displaying all the food the Kardashians had at this party. There was also basically an entire candy shop on the table. It’s hard to have too many movie snacks, but don’t put it past the Kardashians.

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