– WWE posted the following tweet on Friday of the infamous Kurt Angle Milk Truck segment from an old episode of WWE RAW in honor of the “#NationalMilkDay” movement on social media. National Milk Day is a commemoration of the day that dairymen started leaving milk at doorsteps in glass bottles decades ago.

– In the following video, the soon-to-be former “Lady of NXT,” Lacey Evans, talks about what she has in store for when she joins either the red or blue brand when she makes her move to the WWE main roster on RAW or SmackDown Live in the near future.

– On Saturday morning, WWE released the latest episode of their WWE digital series, “WWE Top 10,” which looks at the top ten Superstars versus the WWE Universe moments of all-time. The official description for the video, which you can watch below, reads as follows:

    “Superstars occasionally let their tempers get the best of them, and then proceed to take it out on the WWE Universe. Here are 10 infamous encounters of Superstars versus the WWE Universe.”
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