WWE announced their newest class of Performance Center signees a couple of days ago. It turned out to be one of the largest PC classes that the company has announced, and it included various athletes, wrestlers, and personalities. Some of the new NXT roster members included names that have been rumored for quite some time like Trevor Lee, ACH, and Jonah Rock. Fans were pleasantly surprised to see other wrestling sensations like Rachel Ellering and Karen Q finally ink deals with WWE. However, it was rather surprising to see that former New Japan Pro Wrestling competitor KUSHIDA wasn’t part of the class this month as he was rumored to be. Is KUSHIDA still expected to join WWE at some point in the near future?
Although KUSHIDA’s signing with WWE has yet to be announced by the company, the belief is that it will be at some point very soon. According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, KUSHIDA actually is part of the new class of signees that were announced earlier in the week. WWE has reportedly decided to keep the former NJPW junior heavyweight’s signing a secret. The belief is that he will now debut as a member of the NXT roster, but the choice to not announce him with the rest of the class with make his debut an even bigger surprise. The Observer speculates that KUSHIDA will debut at the NXT Takeover: Blacklist event this April as a spectator in the crowd, much like NXT previously did with Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, and others.
205 Live is perhaps one of the best shows WWE produces each week from an in-ring perspective. Despite this, the show has struggled to gain a big audience and isn’t a particularly popular show on the WWE Network at the moment. According to Ringside News, WWE officials are alright with the program though and have no plans to attempt to grow or expand the show any time soon. The company apparently believes that the show functions well as additional programming on their network, and as such, fans should not expect to see too much attention devoted to the show, new roster members, or special events centered around the cruiserweight-exclusive series. It can still be seen on Tuesday nights at 10pm ET on the WWE network each week.

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