Early Saturday morning news broke that Vince McMahon would be privately funding a brand new company called Alpha Entertainment, which would explore options in the world of “sports and entertainment” outside WWE. The story was confirmed by WWE officials in response to rumors that Mr. McMahon was not only considering bringing back his ill-advised XFL football franchise, but that he was planning on making an official announcement in late January 2018.

While we don’t have any new information on Alpha Entertainment, it’s potentially worth noting that WWE did file for two new trademarks regarding the XFL this year. Vince McMahon also mentioned the possibility of trying again, or trying a similar venture tying in with the actual NFL when ESPN covered the XFL in their highly regarded “30 for 30” special several months ago.

Thus far public reaction to the idea of a XFL resurgence, or a similar endeavor, has been met with widespread negativity, which isn’t really a surprise considering how quickly the original concept went up in flames when the league first debuted (and ended) in 2001.

There has also been a lot of discussion, not just among fans but members of the media as well, about WWE stock prices being at an all-time high currently.¬†While Alpha Entertainment will function completely outside of WWE, and at this point no money would exchange hands between the two organizations, there is a lot of concern that shareholders won’t look too kindly at the 72-year-old wrestling mogul, WWE CEO and its most important figurehead, taking time away to invest privately in what was easily his biggest business failure.

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