INDIANAPOLIS — The Jets will spend the week here interviewing players. But we get a crack at interviewing the team decision-makers, too.

Coach Adam Gase and general manager Mike Maccagnan are scheduled to meet with the media on Wednesday. It is the first time we’ll hear from them since Gase’s introductory press conference last month. Since then, the two have gotten to know each other, and they have had their staffs in free agency and meetings to prepare for the NFL Scouting Combine. Now, they get to really see each other in action because they will be spending a lot of time together here.

Before they get to work, though, here are some questions we’d like to see answered on Wednesday:

For Gase

1. What are the characteristics of an Adam Gase player?

This was one of the issues under former coach Todd Bowles. The scouting department felt Bowles never adequately informed them of just what he was looking for in players. Bowles took an attitude that he could coach whoever the Jets brought in, and it created a disconnect when those players then got into the building and Bowles struggled to incorporate them.

Gase has met with the scouting staff in recent weeks and gone over what he wants in a player. He has a unique view because he had control of the 53-man roster in Miami. He knows how difficult roster building can be.

2. What are the biggest holes to fill on this roster?

Here is a question he will probably dance around, but he has spent the past two months studying his current roster. It has to be clear to him they have a lot of areas of needs. Maybe he’ll give us a clue as to what areas worry him the most and will be priorities in the coming weeks.

3. How involved will you and Gregg Williams be in free agency and draft player evaluations?

There are some people around the NFL who think Gase and Williams, both alpha males, are going to run over Maccagnan when it comes to free agency. People inside the organization have scoffed at this idea, but it will be interesting to see how Maccagnan weighs the opinions of Gase and Williams when it comes to free agency and the draft. If the Jets sign a lot of players who formerly played for Gase or Williams, we’ll know they have a strong influence. But Maccagnan is the one fighting for his job this year. He needs to listen to his scouting staff and trust his scouting acumen.

For Maccagnan

1. Are you willing to pay big money for a running back?

OK, so this is clearly a trick question. We all know the Jets are going to be involved in the Le’Veon Bell sweepstakes to some degree next month. The problem is they can’t talk about it yet because technically he is still a Steeler.

But Maccagnan might answer a philosophy question about spending big bucks on a position that is seen by many in the NFL as one you can find a suitable player at for less money.

2. Are you hoping to trade back from No. 3?

Two years ago, the Jets were picking sixth in the draft and made it clear they were looking to trade back from that spot. Maccagnan said publicly the pick was for sale. No trade materialized that year. Now, the Jets are picking third and their best course of action might be trading back and acquiring more picks. Maccagnan may again put out the “For Sale” sign on the pick.

3. How will you fix this offensive line?

There is a lot of focus on the needs at edge rusher and for an offensive playmaker, but the offensive line might be their biggest area in need of fixing. They have already sent Spencer Long packing. Will Maccagnan acknowledge a need to bolster the line or will he try to say it is not as bad as people are saying?

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