OI4K Taking Over Rockstar Pro

Impact Wrestling stars Sami Callihan, Jake Crist and Dave Crist (known collectively as oVe or OI4K) have taken over yet another promotion, following an event from Rockstar Pro Wrestling on January 5th. Now, to be fair the Crist brothers do technically own the promotion, which might explain the bizarre 1990s themed Halloween show humorously entitled “Halloween Havok 96” that they just ran in the middle of winter on Friday night…

During the event, Jake Crist managed to retain the Rockstar Pro Championship in what was said to be a great match against “the Ginger Juggernaut” known as Jeremiah. Dave Crist, Sami Callihan and his badass wife Jessicka Havok also managed to capture the Rockstar Pro Trios Championship in a chaotic brawl with the dethroned “Gucci Gang” comprised of Myron Reed, Zachary Wentz and Clayton Jackson.

The show should be uploaded to the Rockstar Pro Network in the next few days, at which point you can buy, rent or access the event for a $5 subscription fee.

…and NEW @RockstarProWres Trios Champions, OI4K! #HalloweenHavok96 pic.twitter.com/ne5sRrk4Rt

— RockstarProWrestling (@RockstarProWres) January 6, 2018

AR Fox Finally Joins Twitter

Lucha Underground star, current trios champion, and one of our personal favorite independent wrestlers walking planet Earth today AR “Dante” Fox has finally broken down and joined Twitter. It’s been a long battle, and literally hundreds of people have been bothering him about it for years, but you can finally connect with the former Evolve Champion @ARealFoxx.

This is NOT a drill! AR Fox finally has @Twitter! Got follow now @ARealFoxx! pic.twitter.com/RPbevKV4tt

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— Callihan Death Machine (@TheSamiCallihan) January 5, 2018