Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya is disappointed with rival Gene Haas’ support for F1’s current income distribution plan which favours the larger teams.

Haas said last week that F1 should proceed with caution in its plans to revise the sport’s income distribution platform, warning against moving towards a more ‘socialistic-type structure’.

Mallya believes Haas, which enjoys a close technical relationship with Ferrari, should rather advocate change and fight for a more level playing field.

“I find it actually disappointing that such a new entrant in F1, who has no previous experience of owning an F1 team, makes such a profound statement,” he told

  • Haas: ‘We must not degenerate into socialism’

“Anybody looking at the income distribution pattern of F1 will immediately, without even being prompted, realise how lopsided it all is.

“Clearly the DNA of F1 must include independent teams, not just manufacturer teams. And independent teams need to be able to be financially viable and able to compete.

“So I was particularly happy when Liberty Media and Chase Carey effectively said that what Force India has been pleading for a while now, that the income distribution needs to be revisited, and adjusted to be fair to the smaller teams as well.

“For Haas to make such a profound statement, I obviously found that to be disappointing.”

Supported by F1 CEO Chase Carey, sporting manager Ross Brawn insists that cuttings costs and moving teams closer together on the grid are among his top priorities, along with insuring that F1 offers makes economic sense for all involved.

“It was music to my ears when Chase basically said that money cannot buy performance, and that everybody should have a level playing field.

“Unfortunately it now it shows very clearly that competitiveness at the front end of the grid really is about how much you spend.

“The need to even that out – they have publicly said it, that money shouldn’t be able to buy performance, or affect the competitive advantage of any team on the grid.

“That’s obviously something I haven’t heard for a long time, and I’m delighted to hear it now. It’s all a question of how quickly they get the act together.”


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