Felipe Massa believes Formula E would be a likely destination for the Brazilian the day he decides to leave Formula 1 behind.

Massa looked FE bound at the end of last year after his self-imposed retirement from Grand Prix racing.

But Valtteri Bottas’ unexpected move from Williams to Mercedes on the back of Nico Rosberg’s retirement scrapped his ambitions to join the all-electric series. Those desires however may soon be back on the table.

“I did a test for Jaguar since I decided to stop in Formula 1, I was talking with some teams in Formula E and I wanted to drive the car and see how it is,” Massa says.

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“I think it’s fantastic and I see a big future in that category for a driver, especially after Formula 1.

“It’s different, I never raced in Formula E to see how it is, but I think after Formula 1 everything will be a learning [curve] to get used to a different category.

“It’s like a restart, but I will decide when I stop Formula 1.”

Until his future unfolds, the 36-year-old is still very much committed to his F1 efforts at Williams.

“I feel that I am competitive, and if you’re doing a good job, I think that really motivates you, it’s true that I don’t want to be in Formula 1 to be in the back, I want to be in Formula 1 to have a proper job and this is part of my idea for the future.”

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