One major news story that could be coming very soon in 2018 is the announcement of a new football league created by Vince McMahon. The owner of WWE has created Alpha Entertainment, a new business separate from WWE, that could possibly be resurrecting the former XFL show on January 25th. The latest on that story, according to PWInsider, is that McMahon’s “UFL” trademark has been refused due to a conflict with a similar brand. That application will likely be suspended until a valid reason for no conflict with the trademark is provided. On the other hand, the “United Football League” trademark is set to go through. The “XFL” trademark will be won’t be handled until March 16th due to a three-month waiting period on the trademark.
Bayley still comes across as one of the most genuine and sincere performers in all of WWE today. She recently appeared in an interview with Peter Rosenberg for WWE, and she discussed growing up as a fan of WWE when she was younger. She recounted encounters such as the times that she met Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Rob Van Dam, and Matt Hardy. In fact, she even went as far as to assert that a previous boyfriend broke up with her because she would not stop talking about meeting Matt Hardy. It’s an amusing interview filled with fun anecdotes from the former Raw Women’s Champion. It can be viewed down below:

He may not be an active wrestler, but Jeremy Borash is one of the most influential players in Impact Wrestling at the moment. Borash is well-respected for his work on-screen and as a producer backstage. In fact, when news surfaced earlier this year which claimed that The Hardy Boyz wanted Borash to follow them over to WWE when they returned. Borash confirmed that those reports were true during an interview on The Ross Report. Borash said, “We wanted to continue to work together no matter where it was. Yeah, it was one of those (things) where we had such chemistry together that we really felt like after at some point, things could have gone in any direction and we really could have gone on to call our own shots as well. Obviously, there (were) different things that happened and it was one of those things that happened so fast, and we just had such a great chemistry together creatively (and) we had series options, (and) we had a lot of things on the table before it all happened and they ended up going back to WWE.” Borash also praised Ed Nordholm during the interview for allowing the Hardys and other Impact talents to use their characters in other promotions.