The cases of medical negligence in the country are increasing by the day, and some cases that were under supervision of senior doctors are also being reported. In another such case, a senior doctor at the AIIMS (All India Medical Institute) in Delhi is now facing trouble as he gave wrong treatment to his patient, identified as Rekha Devi. The patient is a resident of Bihar, had come to seek treatment for abdominal pain. During this time her kidneys were examined and there were no kidney ailments found.

Despite this, a dialysis treatment was performed on her. Following the incident, the doctor who is reportedly an assistant professor in the department of surgery at AIIMS, tried to cover up the error by changing the documents.
Rekha had been suffering from pain due to a complication caused by an abdominal surgery she had undergone at a hospital in her hometown Saharsa. In the hope of a cure, she approached the hospital and was taken to an operation theatre for examination, reported PTI.

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