Unlike most people, Miley Cyrus doesn’t mind a good airport pat-down. In fact, the singer said Tuesday on the U.K. radio show “Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp” that she welcomes it.

One of the radio hosts mentioned that the singer had an affinity for wearing a lot of jewelry and said that airport security must hate her for it.  

“They have a love-hate,” the “Black Mirror” actress said. “They hate because it’s definitely kind of annoying that I never take it off, but they love me because they always get to do the pat-down.”

The host laughed as Cyrus admitted that she’s “into” getting patted down. 

“They’re getting very sensitive with the pat-down and I’m kind of, like, into it,” she said. “Like human touch, you know. But they’re getting, like, more and more nervous about doing that kind of thing but I actually like it, you know.” 

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“I need a little human touch,” Cyrus added as the hosts fumbled with how to respond.

Perhaps we’ll catch an ode to airport security on her next album. 

Cyrus also spoke on the radio show about starring in Netflix’s “Black Mirror” as a musician in a new role that was written specifically for her. The 26-year-old said some of the things she has in common with her character are “so spot on.”

“It really is so personal and individualized, and I think it’s going to be different for ‘Black Mirror’ fans because there is a little bit more kind of humor,” she said.

“It’s still super dark and twisted and just makes you reconsider everything you think you know about technology and music and the industry.”

Check out the trailer for her “Black Mirror” episode below:

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