The show opens up with a recap of last week’s main event when Low-Ki successfully defended his MLW Heavyweight Title against Rey Fenix thanks to a distraction from Salina de la Renta. Salina snatched Fenix’s mask from his head causing him to cover up and Low-Ki took advantage with a double-stomp from the top rope.
We then get a preview for this week’s show between LA Park & Pentagon Jr. The promo promises that Pentagon will suffer just as vicious a beating this evening as Fenix did last week and that their manager Konnan will be alone without The Lucha Bros.
Rich Bocchini & Tony Schiavone welcome us to the show and hype up the main event between LA Park & Pentagon Jr. It is going to be a Mexican Massacre Match. Also in action will be ACH taking on Davey Boy Smith Jr. Also, Simon Gotch will be having another prize fight challenge.

We then get a video of Salina de la Renta meeting with MLW Middleweight Champion MJF & Aria Blake on a boat in Puerto Rico. MJF asks Salina to assist him with his Joey Janela problem. Low-Ki shows up and says that they can solve the problem for him.
Back in the arena, Ricky Martinez is on his way out accompanied by Salina. His opponent, Jake St. Patrick, is already in the ring.
Ricky Martinez vs. Jake St. Patrick: Martinez nails St. Patrick with a knee, and then slams his head off the mat several times using his legs. Big knife-edged chops by Martinez. St. Patrick tries to land some offense but runs into another knee. Discus lariat followed by a top rope codebreaker and that’s it. Winner: Ricky Martinez
Schiavone tells us that Simon Gotch’s prize challenge is up next.

After the ad, we see a promo from Tom Lawlor addressing Shane Strickland. He says that in two weeks they will clash, both with the dream of being The MLW Heavyweight Champion. Lawlor then promises Strickland that he will bring his very best to their matchup.
Simon Gotch enters the ring with Tom Lawlor. Gotch gets on the microphone and says that he has personally raised the prize purse to $2,000 dollars in order to fight the best. His mystery opponent none other than Gangrel. He has the goblet filled with blood.
Simon Gotch vs. Gangrel (Simon Gotch’s Prize Challenge): Gotch attacks Gangrel as he enters the ring. Gangrel fires back with big right hands. Big scoop slam and a running elbow by Gangrel. Cover but only two. Gotch locks in a sleeper, but Gangrel bites into his arm. The referee tells him to stop but he won’t. The referee calls for the bell and rules the match as a DQ. Winner via DQ: Simon Gotch

After the match, we can see that Gotch is in a lot of pain with Gangrel starring daggers at him and Lawlor on the outside.
ACH and Davey Boy Smith Jr. is coming up next.
Kaci Lennox is backstage with ACH. He says that he’s not happy about what The Hart Foundation did to Rich Swann. He calls MLW unprofessional for continuing to book Hart, Pillman & Smith after their attack on Kevin Sullivan. He ends by saying that he’s ready to bite tonight.
We then get highlights of the backstage brawl between Jimmy Havoc & Sami Callihan from last week. They will meet for The MLW Halloween special later in October, when they’ll spin a giant wheel to determine the stipulation for their grudge match.
We then get a promo from Sami Callihan. He says that he is actually happy for once because MLW is giving him so many options to destroy Jimmy Havoc. He then says that no matter what match they end up having, it will go down as the most violent affair in MLW history.
We then get an advertisement for MLW Fightland Taping in Chicago. Low-Ki versus Shane Strickland will have their MLW Heavyweight Championship rematch. Rush will also be making his MLW debut. The Lucha Brothers, Hart Foundation, MJF, PCO and many more will be appearing as well.
Davey Boy Smith Jr. comes out to the ring followed by ACH. Our next matchup is underway.
ACH vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.: ACH hits a dropkick right out of the gate. Davey dodges an enziguri and takes advantage with a big German suplex. He puts ACH on the top rope and unloads on him with stiff forearms. He goes for a running powerslam but ACH rolls him up. Two count. Quick kick from ACH followed by a German of his own. He climbs to the top but misses a big splash. Davey takes advantage and lands the big running powerslam for the victory. Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr.
Kacy Lennox is backstage with Konnan. She asks him about Pentagon Jr.’s matchup with LA Park. Konnan says that the fans should expect a lot of blood. Salina shows up and thanks Konnan for serving Pentagon up as a sacrifice for LA Park. Konnan tells Salina that LA Park will turn his back on Salina the first chance he gets. They both yell at each other in Spanish as we cut to commercial.
We then get a promo package announcing Rush’s MLW debut.
It’s main event time. LA Park is out first carrying a chair, accompanied by Salina. Pentagon is out next carrying a trash can and wearing his MLW tag title. Konnan is with him.
Pentagon Jr. vs. LA Park (Mexican Massacre Match): Pentagon throws the trash can at LA Park but he dodges. He lands some kicks and smashes the trash can off Pentagon’s head. LA Park rips Pentagon’s mask right from his head and then smacks him with a chair on the outside. While brawling, LA Park sets up a table off the guardrail. LA Park breaks a dustpan off of Pentagon’s back and then chokes him with some chains that he finds at ringside. He throws Pentagon back in the ring. Crowd tries to get a beat down Pentagon back into it. LA Park takes off his weight belt and lays into Pentagon, slapping him hard several times. Pentagon finally lands some offense with a frankensteiner that sends LA Park to the outside. Tope Con Hilo and they both go through the table! Pentagon rips LA Park’s mask before throwing a trash can at LA Park’s head. Back in the ring, Pentagon uses stick of the broken dustpan and LA Park’s weight belt, targeting the back. Top rope double-stomp from Pentagon. Cover but only a two. Another trash can shot off LA Park’s head. Pentagon curses at Salina on the outside. LA Park responds with a clothesline and almost steals a victory.
LA Park gets caught in a tree of woe and Pentagon takes him out with another double-stomp from the top rope but this time to his elevated chest. LA Park catches Pentagon in a powerslam and hits him with a running senton right after which sends Pentagon to the outside. Suicide dive from LA Park and both men are down on the outside. Back in the ring, LA Park nails a modified STO. Pentagon pops up and lands a couple of sling-blades. Pentagon then places the trash can onto LA Park and nails it with the stick of the dustpan. Pentagon mocks LA Park’s famous strut. LA Park surprises him with a big spear. LA Park grabs another table from the outside and throws it in the ring. Nice counter sequence from Pentagon that sees him land a lungblower. Pentagon then sets the table up near the center of the ring. He puts LA Park on the top rope and bashes him three times with a trash can. He climbs on the table but LA Park hits him with another spear that sends them both through the table. Cover but only a two count. Pentagon tries to throw a fireball but LA Park moves and it hits the referee. Pentagon then takes out the ref with a trash can. Low-blow from LA Park. He covers Pentagon and the referee fast counts. Winner: LA Park
After the match, Jimmy Yuta versus El Hijo De LA Park, Brian Pillman versus Vandal Ortagun and Rich Swann versus Teddy Hart are announced for next week.
LA Park grabs the microphone and begins yelling in Spanish. He tells Salina to translate. She says that LA Park is challenging Pentagon Jr. and Fenix for their tag team titles. Pentagon takes the mic, and, in Spanish, accepts the challenge. It will be The Lucha Bros versus LA Park and his son, El Hijo De LA Park. It is not announced when. MLW Fusion goes off the air.

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