Monty Python star Eric Idle made a risible plea to the European Union to allow Britain back into the bloc, saying that the country “would much rather” be in an alliance with European countries than one with “mad fuck” Donald Trump.

On Thursday, British Prime Minister Theresa May traveled to Brussels to ask European leaders for an extension to the article 50 process, mainly in the hope that it would give her more time to pass her withdrawal agreement and ensure the UK leaves the bloc with formal trading arrangements in place.

Meanwhile Idle, who resides in Los Angeles, California, sought to undermine May’s negotiating strategy by begging the EU to let Britain back into the bloc, thus ignoring the 2016 referendum where a majority of voters opted to leave.

“Dear EU. We made a terrible mistake. We listened to the wrong people,” he wrote on Twitter. “We would much rather be in an alliance with 28 States than alone with the mad fuck Trump. Please can we come back. Yours the sensible party.”

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Idle is one of the countless celebrities to moan about the British people’s decision to leave the EU since the 2016 referendum. Just this week, figures including actor Hugh Grant, singer Annie Lennox, and the scientist Brian Cox publicly shared a petition demanding that the government revoke Article 50 (the legal mechanism by which a member state leaves) and cancel the policy altogether.

It is not the first time that Idle has displayed his disdain for democracy. In 2017, the 75-year-old declared that denying the existence of climate change should be classed as a “crime against humanity,” and those accused should “be held accountable in a World Court.” He later suggested that a guilty sentence should result in execution, but the process should be done both “gently” and “humanely.”

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