— According to Dave Meltzer at f4wonline.com, it is “still not completely clear” what happened with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman last night on Raw. However, he says that he’s been told that the goal of the buildup towards Lesnar’s match with Roman Reigns is to try and get Reigns cheered before it culminates with him winning the title at the PPV.

— The most likely scenario is that even though Lesnar & Heyman were written into the Raw script as late as Monday afternoon, someone came up with the idea to tell the two to not appear on the show because they wanted to sell the interview, situation and in fact, the entire storyline as a shoot heading into WrestleMania. This happened with just enough time for the writers to re-script and shuffle around some segments.

— Roman Reigns’ interview saw him try to give the impression that he was going off script and would get in trouble from officials once he got to the back, but that was obviously not the case. The entire promo was approved but it did seem to accomplish getting him support as the boos that greeted his entrance changed to cheers as his interview went on.

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