— As reported earlier, Booker T was at the Vito’s Deck House sports bar in Webster, Texas (just outside of Houston), with Marty Wright (a.k.a. WWE star “The Boogeyman”) this past Sunday, and Wright, who was wearing the cross, was asked to take it off by the bartender, or leave because it was in violation of the bar’s dress code. When Booker asked where the dress code was, the bartender was unable to show it to him, perhaps because they didn’t really have one. Vito’s Deck House has an official website, and it’s interesting to note that they have a banner on the site showing a girl wearing a cross necklace. Upon closer inspection, the girl wearing the cross is actually a staff member at the sports bar as she’s wearing a shirt displaying the Vito’s Deck House logo. The banner is even labeled as “staff” (“cl_staff1.jpg”). You can see the page & photo in question at www.vitosdeckhouse.com/specials.php. There’s also a photo online of Wright wearing the cross necklace. To see a photo of the cross necklace Wright likely wore, click here.

— Jay Bildstein has endorsed former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, in his column in the The News (Mexico City). The News is a well-known, English language newspaper published in Mexico City and distributed throughout Mexico. It is available online as well, at www.TheNews.com.mx. Bildstein interviewed Ventura with journalist Chris Yandek this past September. The interview centered on the ex-governor’s most recent book, “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me.” The column was published on Saturday, November 1st, 2008 and is available at the following link.

— Stamford, Connecticut police have plans to release the full ‘Benoit Wikipedia Hacker’ video. A Stamford police detective recently interrogated a 19-year-old college student who leaked to Wikipedia on June 25, 2007, that Nancy Benoit was dead, more than half-a-day before the rest of the world knew. {Stamford Police Say They Will Release Full ‘Benoit Wikipedia Hacker’ Video}

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