Monday Night Raw was taped in front of a live studio audience in Manchester United Kingdom.
The WWE is in England which can mean only one thing…they get to bust out the giant Union Jack. Imagine if they did that for Canada when they head north?
“The Man” Becky Lynch kicks off the show tonight. She tells everyone who is looking to challenge her for the title to “Bring it on”. Then she says she’s ready to reclaim her legacy as Becky Two Belts by winning the Woman’s Tag Team Championship.

That brings out Charlotte to get this match started.
Match #1: Woman’s Tag Team Championship match
RAW Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair v The Kabuki Warriors(c)
I’m love to hate the cocky/arrogant version of Charlotte Flair.
Before the first commercial of this match NXT Woman’s Champion Shayna Baszler shows up at ringside.

Is it just me or does this match seem like it’s moving in slow motion?
Match End: Shayna Baszler distracts Becky and Asuka rolls her up for the pin fall victory.
Backstage Ricochet, Humberto, and Randy Orton are chatting until The OC walk into frame and start big talking. They eventually challenge them to a six man tag match later tonight.

Match #2: Singles Match
Drew McIntyre v Sin Cara
Sin Cana asked for his release today so he gets fed to Drew McIntyre. This goes about as well as expected. The stamp being a massive powerbomb on the outside of the ring.
Match End: Drew McIntyre destroys Sin Cara with the Claymore for the pin fall.
Backstage Rowan is shown talking to something like a baby while the camera is inside a cage
Match #3: 24/7 Title Handicap Match
R-Truth v The Bollywood Boys(c)
R-Truth is confused about who holds the 24/7 Title, so he challenged both of them. Makes sense.
This started out as a match, then the Bollywood Boys remembered that it’s the 24/7 title isn’t about matches it’s about running around an arena all night…so that’s what they do. They run around the ring a few times then backstage and into the Woman’s Locker Room, then into a room with Rowan.
Rowan tosses them around, and then takes them out with a couch before R-Truth walks into the room, looks into the camera, then backs out. That ends the segment.
Match End: The lights turned off in the room when R-Truth left so the match ended I guess.
Seth Rollins heads to the ring in full gear to watch the video of NXT invading Raw and SmackDown last week. Then he’s booed by Manchester which gets some comments from Jerry Lawler.
Seth grabs a microphone and recaps what happened between him and HHH last week. Says that lit a fire (groan) in him. Says RAW is his home and the crowd starts chanting NXT! NXT! NXT! Seth challenges the United Kingdom’s best….uh oh….out comes Imperium and more importantly…WALTER! That makes sense since he’s the United Kingdom Champion.
Match #4: Singles Match
Seth Rollins v United Kingdom Champion Walter w/Imperium
The crowd finally woke up when Imperium walked out. Let’s see if they can stay awake. I know I was slipping until Walter showed up.
Match End: Imperium jump Seth Rollins to end the match.
After the match is ended Street Profits rund down to the ring to help Rollins, but they’re out numbered. Then Kevin Owens runs down to even the odds for “Team Raw”. That’s unexpected.
Match #5: 8-Man Tag Team Match
Imperium v Street Profits/Kevin Owens/Seth Rollins
The crowd has switched from chanting for Walter to chanting for Kevin Owens. Hey, at least they’re chanting.
I dig this match because it showcases the members of Imperium to people like me who don’t watch NXTUK (sorry Discover.Progress)
This March quickly devolves into madness where everyone hits their moves before the finish.
Match End: Seth Rollins stomps Alexandre Wolfe then pins him to win.
Match #6: Singles Match
Cedric Alexander v Andrade w/Zelina Vega
Kind of enjoying that they’re going from match to match here without a lot of storylines. This one should be a high paced match.
Zelina Vega holds Cedric’s foot and its just enough for Andrade to get the upper hand
Match End: Andrade hits his amazing DDT and picks up the pinfall.
Aleister Black is back talking about wanting a fight with someone. Who’s going to knock on his door?
Lana heads to the ring. Jerry Lawler makes a subtle whore joke that is quickly not talked about. Lana is here to tell the truth about Rusev. She admits to cheating on Rusev, but he cheated first so it’s okay…then she goes into detail. Says she has been sleeping with Bobby Lashley for 7 weeks.
The crowd is turning on this segment…but she keeps on going…and then says that she’s 9 weeks pregnant. Pull out (ha) the calculator and that means her baby is with Rusev! She isn’t happy about it.
That brings out Rusev. He admits that he’s a sex addict and a cheater. She accuses him of calling her a liar then starts beating on him.
That brings out Bobby Lashley (in full gear when everyone else is in street clothes) to beat up Rusev. They then walk up to the ramp and Lana says into the camera “I can’t believe he believed I was pregnant.”
So basically all of that just to get to a Bobby Lashley beating of Rusev…which I typed all of that for…great…
Match #7: Singles Match
Erick Rowan v Some local talent
Rowan brings a covered cage to the commentary table before the match.
Rowan takes about a minute to end this one.
Match End: Rowan wins
After the match Rowan grabs the cage and yells at commentary for looking at it. Yawn…
A hype video for the former NXTUK Tag Team Champions Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews is shown before their match against The Viking Raiders.
Match #8: Tag Team Match
Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster v Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders
Webster & Andrews start the match using their speed and dives to surprise The Viking Raiders which of course doesn’t last long.
Match End: The Viking Raiders win after they hit the Viking Experience on Mark Andrews
Ricochet confronts Randy Orton backstage before their match. Says he knows Orton is going to hit him with the RKO when he gets the chance. Orton tells him not to get him into his head…smirks…and walks off.
Next up is a recap of the rampage of Brock Lesnar last week that was halted by Rey Mysterio and a pipe.
Main Event: Six Man Tag Team Match
Randy Orton/Ricochet/Humberto Carrillo v The OC
I love the new badass music and attitude it has bred in The OC. They feel like a legit threat now and that’s how it should have been during The Club and Gallows & Anderson eras.
As always, six man tag matches are usually the same every time. This one has a ticking time bomb named Randy Orton though.
Randy Orton hits a RKO on AJ Styles then tags in Humberto to get the pin on Styles.
Match End: Humberto pins the United States Champion AJ Styles
After the match Randy teases a RKO on Ricochet, but gives him some advice instead before walking off.
The show ends with Randy walking way from the ring.