will definitely have to handle expectations and popularity after winning two Majors in a row. The 21-year-old is aware it will not be easy, and she shared some concern. I feel like people that are famous like that, I feel kind of bad for them, because its, like, you can never really truly enjoy going outside and stuff, admitted Osaka.

She also commented on the concept of maturity: Mature I think is accepting when things dont go your way. Its one of the biggest things for me I think I dont do that well. I tend to complain a little bit, and Im trying to fix that.

I feel like its a big problem. But also, outside of tennis, I think I dont really have to deal with the things that I guess normal people have to deal with. Outside of the court too my maturity level isnt that big.

Like, I dont have the biggest responsibilities. I just play tennis, and thats basically it. On and off the court, definitely I think I need to improve that. Off-court, Osaka split with Sasha Baijin, who had been coaching her since 2017.

It was under Baijins guidance that Osaka won the 2018 US Open and the Australian Open this year. The world no. 1 recently withdrew from Doha because of the back injury. She will, however, continue to retain her ranking.

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