CBS Sports studio analyst and former NFL receiver Nate Burleson talks with The Post’s Justin Terranova about his Patriots’ confidence, wild-card weekend and the Eagles’ quarterback dilemma.

Q: What is your level of confidence for the Patriots this postseason compared to others?
A: The same, the same. I tried to do the heavy-lifting (on Patriots’ worries) before the season and then during the regular season, “They just don’t look the same: their defense, their offense, Gronk is falling apart — I seen shrapnel falling off his elbow brace. This is it guys.” Then week after week I end up eating my words. Now, just forget it. This is their time. We know once they get in, they’re going to make their run. It’s understandable that we want to knock the Patriots, but if we do that for every team the list is longer for these other squads. The only difference is the Patriots have a better coach than all of them.

Q: Which one of these wild-card teams has the best chance at a Super Bowl run?
A: I am looking at that Cowboys-Seahawks game. If Russell Wilson propels his team forward, I don’t think he’s going to walk into the Superdome — where it’s so hard to beat the Saints — with any fear. It’s the same with Dak Prescott, just because of the simple fact that the Cowboys beat the Saints already.

Q: What is your No. 1 concern for the Bears?
A: The bright lights are on (Mitchell) Trubisky, this young pup. Out of the 12 playoff quarterbacks, he’s 12th in rating, 12th in yards per game, 11th in turnovers and ninth in touchdowns. He’s basically 12 out of 12 when you average out the statistical categories. That’s just stating the facts. So, if you’re facing Chicago you want to suffocate Matt Nagy’s ability to get creative and force Trubisky to beat you with his arm.

Q: Do the Eagles have a Nick Foles and Carson Wentz controversy after this postseason?
A: They aren’t going to pay a backup $20 million. I believe they are committed to Carson Wentz, which put Foles in position to get paid. Foles will be a 60-, 70-, 80-million-dollar quarterback. It’s kind of hard to believe, but he’s proved capable of having these moments. I brought this up on Sunday and there was a lot of groaning and scoffing. But how is Nick Foles not worth that much, but Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr and Matt Stafford are?

Q: You called a couple of games from the booth to end the season. Is that something you’d want to do more of?
A: The preparation for the games was kind of addicting. Being in the studio with “Good Morning Football” you prepare for these one-offs, every day is a new show. With live games, the preparation is watching football in and out, then you meet with the coaches and players, which I haven’t done in forever, since I was a player. It’s fun to be on the other side and I loved it.

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