(Credit to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter for the information used in this report)

— When the call was made to break up Randy Orton’s Legacy stable, talk began of a new group forming with Ted DiBiase as the leader. Plans called for DiBiase to team with his brother Brett and rising developmental superstar Joe Hennig (son of the late “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig) in a group called “The Fortunate Sons.” DiBiase referenced that title during his promo on RAW this week. Whether WWE will still go forward with that idea remains to be seen.

— WWE is getting back to the mentality of recruiting standout athletes into developmental instead of just muscleheads with “the right look.”

— The Georgia Dome in Atlanta might see two straight nights of WWE action next year. With WrestleMania 27 confirmed for the Dome, there is talk of having the next night’s RAW in the same stadium (with most of the upper sections scaled off, obviously). Next year’s Hall of Fame ceremony will likely take place at either the Phillips Arena or the Fox Arena.

* Pictures of Jack Swagger’s HOT New Wife: Catalina White (Dayum!)