Ronda Rousey would be proud. Her MMA finishing move, an “arm-bar,” was put to good use by an NFL player.

Panthers fullback Alex Armah said he used the wrestling move to stop a person from getting into his car Wednesday. Daniel Cagle was then arrested by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police and charged with attempting to break into or enter a vehicle, the Charlotte Observer reported Tuesday. As he was working out in his apartment, Armah said he was notified by his car’s OWL dashboard camera that his car was being broken into.

“It alerts me when there’s any type of movement or motion around my vehicle,” Armah told the Observer. “I got an alert on my phone, and it shows you a preview of what is going on. And it tells you, ‘Event in process.’ When I looked at it, there was a still-frame of someone in my vehicle, going through my stuff.”

Armah, 24, confronted the man, who said he was just admiring the car. Armah tried to get him to come to the front of the building to look at the security camera together.

When they got to the front of the building, Cagle changed his story, saying his friend lives in the building, and then tried to run away. Armah said he grabbed him by his shirt, and the building’s concierge called the police. The man then tried to flee again.

“Eventually I get him on the ground, and I put him in an arm-bar,” Armah said. “The guy wasn’t small, he had some size on him. But he didn’t have a chance. I take pride in my car.”

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