Stardom has officially cancelled several upcoming events, calling the decision a precautionary measure in response to the growing threat of coronavirus across Japan. Here is the full list of closures so far:

2/19 Mayu Iwatani Birthday Event2/20 Fan Signing2/20 Press Conference2/22 Osaka2/23 Nagoya2/29 Shinkiba3/8 Korakuen Hall (event still taking place, empty arena)3/14 Osaka (both shows)

The total of infected individuals on board the Diamond Princess, a cruise ship currently docked and under quarantine in Yokohama, rose to 454 on Monday. Another 66 have been infected in Japan so far.

Stardom is far from the only company who will be postponing events in the country, and this could very well lead to more closures from other wrestling promotions depending on the containment of the virus.

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It was also announced on Monday that Japan had cancelled the Emperor’s upcoming birthday celebration, as well as a majority of the Tokyo Marathon.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling will not be cancelling their upcoming tour as things stand currently. They released an informational post on their website urging fans who attend future events to take additional precautions, and will be offering disinfectant sprays at all shows. Meet and greets, as well as autograph signings will be cancelled until further notice.