Tony Romo’s uncanny ability to accurately predict plays as a broadcaster makes it easy to envision the former Cowboys quarterback excelling as a coach in the NFL.

But Romo doesn’t expect to be on a sideline anytime soon, if ever.

Romo, who is making roughly $4 million this year, is likely to soon receive a substantial raise from CBS that could make him the highest-paid NFL TV analyst, sources told The Post this week.

“The funny thing is, I’m still a part of the game. It’s not like you’re removed from the game. I felt the energy, the stuff you love about the game, you feel that when you’re an analyst,” Romo said on CBS Sports’ Super Bowl LIII conference call. “I never say never to anything … [but] I love where my life is. I’m sure, at some point, 25 years from now, you’ll want to do something competitive in that regard, but I feel very happy and comfortable. I like where I’m at. I really enjoy the schedule. I have three young boys. I have a wife. So, I don’t think about that right now at all. No.”

More teams may be trying to lure Romo back onto the field.

The 38-year-old, who retired after the 2016 season as Dallas’ all-time passing leader, recently revealed on a podcast with The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch that he received “legitimate offers” to play this year after spending the past two seasons as an analyst.

“There are legitimate contract offers and there are, ‘Hey, what are you thinking?’” Romo said. “There was something earlier this season and definitely two times this offseason. Usually, it is a coach that reaches out.”

On Wednesday, Romo was asked if any more offers had rolled in since the AFC Championship.

“Yeah, just from CBS,” Romo cracked. “They said I could work the Super Bowl.”

Anyone could have predicted that.

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