In an interview to Laureus, former Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg commented on his passion for tennis and Novak Djokovics remarkable comeback to the highest tennis level Rosberg, who retired from the sport a couple of years ago, said: I love tennis, I was also in the National team of Monaco when I was younger.

Watching everything of course. No, really impressed, his comeback was so powerful, I know how it is when its very very dark and stand back there and have a comeback like that is maybe more special. I respect him a lot.

Djokovic added: Obviously, honored staying next to a champion like Nico that has made a great mark in the history of sport celebrating all the values that we have all tried representing and standing for.

He (Rosberg) coached me in a training session in Monaco two years ago, he made a difference and I had to be fast because he likes to be fast. To give credit for everything he has done throughout his career and he was also mentioning when you feel like it takes one more step to come to the desired place but you fall and as Michael Jordan said, There is a reason why I succeeded and thats because I fell, I fell, I fell.

It happened so many times in sports and you have to get used to it. His journey and everything he has been going through, I clearly followed it. And we live in the same place so we use to carry babies around and talk about sports and different things in life.

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