While supporters of pro-democratic voting reforms on Wednesday celebrated a number of key state-level wins on Election Day, the Democratic Party is being called upon to go much further by making voting rights a central issue going forward and embracing a slate of changes that would dramatically improve civic participation and end GOP suppression tactics.

Among the successes from Tuesday’s ballot:

  • Florida voters overwhelmingly approved a measure which restores voting rights for 1.4 million state residents with past felony convictions. 
  • Michigan voters approved a measure enacting automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration.
  • Voters in Nevada also approved automatic voter registration.
  • In Maryland, voters supported a state constitutional amendment allowing same-day voter registration.

The outcomes, says the NYU School of Law’s Brennan Center for Justice, add up to “a massive win for democracy.” But these changes still leave in place an electoral system—one plagued by long lines, voter suppression efforts, malfunctioning machines, Big Money, and partisan redistricting—badly in need of reform.

“Where does democracy go from here?” ask the Brennan Center’s Zachary Roth and Michael Waldman. They continue:

“Despite Tuesday’s good news, we have so much more to do to strengthen our democracy,” they conclude. “Let’s get to work.”