Tonight’s episode of NXT takes place at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

NXT song intro.

Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to NXT TV. Undisputed Era’s music hits. The four men make their way to the ring, led by new NXT champion Adam Cole. Cole grabs a mic to begin. “Told you so. I said that in 2019 the Undisputed Era is going to be draped in gold.” He holds the title high and promises that the rest of U.E. will soon carry championships as well. Cole threatens that anyone who gets in their way will suffer the consequences. Cole then directs everyone’s eyes to the titantron. The intro song plays again except this time it’s all footage of the U.E. Crowd loves this. Kyle O’Reilly says that he edited the footage himself. A “thank you Kyle” chant breaks out. Cole then tells the tag champions and the North American champion to shine their belts up, because they belong to Kyle, Bobby, and Roddy. “The Undisputed Era will carry every ounce of power that NXT has to offer.”

Velveteen Dream interrupts.”Adam no one can touch you? I’d like to touch you,” snickers Dream. He claims that the NXT experience is due to one factor…him. Dream tells Cole that his NXT championship would look great next to his North American title. Roderick Strong jumps in, screaming at Dream that he doesn’t deserve to be N.A. champion.

Matt Riddle comes out next. He directs his address at Strong. “Bro…how hard did I hit you at Takeover?” Riddle reminds Strong and Cole that he’s beaten both of them. Riddle calls himself a stallion. Cole responds by saying that every championship opportunity Riddle has had he’s squandered. He then pokes fun at Riddle and tells him to make more jokes about wrestlers from the Attitude Era.

Tyler Breeze is here! The Gorgeous One says that he was in the back listening, and says that he built the NXT brand before any of these “idiots” were even here. Breeze reveals that he was talking to William Regal, and that a six-man match has been made for the main event: Breeze, Dream, and Riddle versus any three members of the Undisputed Era.

Commentary tells us that next week Shayna Baszler defends the NXT women’s championship against Io Shirai in a steel cage match. Footage of Shirai and Baszler’s rivalry is played, including clips from NXT Takeover XXV.

Commercial for WWE shop, followed by a preview for Stomping Grounds.

Raul Mendoza makes his way out for the evening’s opening contest. He’ll be facing…Damian Priest, formerly known as Punishment Martinez.

Raul Mendoza versus Damian Priest

Priest nails Mendoza with a standing boot. Irish whip to the corner, followed by a vicious forearm drops Mendoza to the mat. Mendoza fires off a few shots of his own but Priest unloads a combo. Mendoza evades an attack…roundhouse enziguri. Mendoza with a three kick combo…Priest is still standing. Mendoza climbs to the top…he walks the ropes and hits a springboard missile dropkick sending Priest to ringside. Mendoza goes for a suicide dive…Priest catches him…chokeslam to the apron. Back in the ring Priest hits a discus big boot. Rolling cutter. It’s over.

Damian Priest wins by pinfall

General Manager William Regal addresses the NXT Universe. He says that the NXT roster is more stacked than it’s ever been, and because of that, he wants to give 8-man an opportunity to breakout. He announces the NXT “Breakout” tournament, where the winner will receive a title shot of their choosing. Regal then reveals the competitors: Jordan Myles (ACH), Boa, Cameron Grimes (Trevor Lee), Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (Shane Strickland), Dexter Lumis (Sam Shaw), Bronson Reed (Jonah Rock), Angel Garza (Humerto Garza), and Joaquin Wilde (DJZ). Segment ends with Regal wishing all the men luck. Brackets for the tournament are shown. It begins next week!

Commentary reminds us of the six-man tag main event. A vignette for Mia Yim is played. She says that she is the HBIC because she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. She talks about her upbringing in L.A. and that she’s always had to be tough and fight for everything. Yim promises to protect those who need protecting, and fight for those who need fighting. She calls out Shayna Baszler: “I’m the hell and the high water.”

Taynara Conti is out next for women’s division action. Her opponent…Xia Li.

Taynara Conti versus Xia Li

Conti and Li shakes hands. They begin with a knuckle-lock test of strength. Conti with an impressive takedown. Li follows up with one her own. Jacknife cover…two count. Conti lands a judo-throw but misses a thrust knee. Conti taunts Li…who responds by firing off a series of kicks pushing Conti back up to the ropes. Shotgun dropkick by Li. Li with a running boot…Conti traps Li in the ropes and hits a big kick onto Li’s leg. She whips her from the hair to the mat. More kicks from Conti. She throws Li into the turnbuckles…running meteora. Conti gets frustrated after Li kicks out of a series of pinfalls. She locks Li up in a back stretch.

Li avoids another running meteora attempt…leg sweep. Li shows off her athleticism by jumping to the top rope, then diving over Conti. She connects with a spinning heel kick that knocks Conti out. Cover…got her.

Xia Li wins by pinfall

Advertisement for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff

Promo from the Street Profits from outside Full Sail. They say they’re ready to face the Forgotten Sons next week before partying with some of the Full Sail audience. Match is made official. Reminder that Io Shirai battles Shayna Baszler for the NXT women’s championship in a cage match. Last but not least, the first round of the breakout tournament will feature Joaquin Wilde facing Angel Garza.

Main event time. Matt Riddle is out first, followed by Tyler Breeze and the North American Champion Velveteen Dream. Undisputed Era is out second. Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and Bobby Fish will be competing with Kyle O’Reilly at ringside.

Matt Riddle & Tyler Breeze & Velveteen Dream versus Undisputed Era

Riddle and Cole get us started. Rolling kneebar by Riddle. Strong in to break it up, Cole gets Riddle strikes. Fish tags in for a couple strikes. Strong in there now, gets in a chop, but Riddle with two gutwrench suplexes, cover, two. Dream tags in, hits a double ax handle, does a little taunting, lands a dropkick, and slides all the way out to the floor. Strong follows and eats a punch to the face. Dream tries for another double ax handle off the top rope and gets punched. Fish tagged in, doesn’t get much offense in, Dream with a running bulldog, goes for a second rope moonsault and his knees basically land on Fish. Cole and Breeze end up in the ring and Breeze lands a big dropkick on Cole. Riddle gets back in there, fisherman’s suplex with the bridge, two. Cole fights off another suplex, ripcord knee strike by Riddle. Everybody is involved now, Riddle with another knee, exploder suplex on Cole. Looks for penalty kick, no, standing moonsault, no, standing senton hits though. Fish runs in from behind and drops Riddle when the referee was distracted. Strong is able to tag in, lands a backbreaker, big chop, another backbreaker, and brings Fish back in.

Fish throws some strikes, inside knee kick, roundhouse kick, Cole tags in. Cole with a bunch of knees to the back. Strong back in, belly-to-back suplex, works over Riddle some more. Fish tags in, float over senton into the ring, snap suplex, cover, two-count. Cole in there now, still working over Riddle. Cole clocks Dream off the apron, Breeze checks on his partner. Cole stomps Riddle’s barefoot, looks for an attack off the second rope and gets dropped. Breeze tagged in and he is going after everyone on the other team. Enziguri on Fish, running forearm in the corner, beauty shot hits, cover, Strong drags Fish out to the floor. Breeze looks to fly, Dream tags Breeze’s back and he stops. Dream and Breeze are talks while Cole superkicks Riddle. Strong knees Breeze right into Dream, then nails end of heartache on Dream for the victory.

Undipsuted Era wins by pinfall

Post-match, the Undisputed Era stand tall. Commentary wonders if Strong will get a future title opportunity on Dream since he pinned him. The babyfaces look distraught.

That’s the show friends.