Author Kevin Sullivan (not the former wrestler) has officially started the process of writing a book about The Undertaker. The book is apparently only going to cover the wrestling character and his history, not the man behind the gimmick.

The official name of the book as of right now is “Undertaker: 25 Years Of Destruction,” and is scheduled to be released on November 3rd.

Below is the official synopsis for the book:

See The Deadman like you’ve never seen him before!

With stunning visuals and in-depth commentary, Undertaker: 25 Years of Destruction takes the reader deep into the darkness, where few dare to tread! Learn everything you need to know about sports-entertainment’s mysterious grim reaper of justice with this massive hardcover tome.

Coverage includes:
• Stunning Visuals
• In-depth Discussion of Undertaker’s rise within the WWE ranks
• Exclusive Interviews with Superstars, Announcers, and other WWE personalities
• Behind the Scenes Look at Undertaker’s Historic Streak

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