And the award for biggest shade of the night goes to ― Thomas Lennon, for his crack at Felicity Huffman during Sunday night’s Emmy telecast.

The comic, who was providing commentary during the otherwise host-free show, didn’t mention Huffman by name, but it was pretty clear who he had in mind when he said: 

Huffman nabbed the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series” Emmy in the 2005 ceremony for her role on “Desperate Housewives,” and was recently sentenced to 14 days in prison after pleading guilty in the college bribery scandal. 

“I am deeply ashamed of what I have done,” Huffman said in a tearful courtroom statement during her sentencing earlier this month. “I take full responsibility for my actions … I am prepared to accept whatever sentence you deem fit.”

Despite the zinger, Huffman wouldn’t have been watching the awards show from prison on Sunday; she isn’t set to report until Oct. 25. 

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