Well, Julian Edelman definitely touched the ball the second time.

The Patriots wide receiver went on quite the roller-coaster for a few minutes in the fourth quarter of the Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship on Sunday night when he nearly botched the game for his team before perhaps actually botching it.

First, Edelman let a punt go with 8:39 left in a game the Patriots were leading 17-14 — and the ball appeared to come inches (an inch?) from touching him. A Chief, believing it had made contact with the longtime Patriot, scooped it up and ran for a touchdown, and all eyes were on every replay, determining whether Edelman had touched it.

Even 10 replays later, it was not quite conclusive, yet the call was reversed and the Patriots could exhale. For two plays.

Tom Brady, given another life, saw Edelman open on a route and passed — off Edelman’s fingertips and into the hands of safety Daniel Sorensen. The Chiefs finally got their break and soon they got their touchdown, Damien Williams catching a short pass from Patrick Mahomes and dashing 23 yards to put Kansas City up, 21-17.

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