Who is this Cork footballer tussling with Meath's Bernard Flynn in the 1990 All-Ireland final?

Larry Tompkins
Conor Counihan

Niall Cahalane
Barry Coffey

Who is this Down footballer in shock after their success in 1991?

Paddy O'Rourke
Mickey Linden

Eamon Burns
Ross Carr

Can you name this player from Donegal's victorious team in 1992?

Barry McGowan
John Joe Doherty

Martin McHugh
Anthony Molloy

Who is this key member of Derry's victorious side in 1993?

Enda Gormley
Brian McGilligan

Tony Scullion
Henry Downey

Down triumphed again in 1994, can you name this key player?

Gregory McCartan
DJ Kane

James McCartan
Mickey Linden

Who is this player representing the Dubs in the 1995 All-Ireland final?

Keith Galvin
Paul Curran

Jim Gavin
Mick Galvin

Meath were the champions in 1996, can you name this key player?

Tommy Dowd
John McDermott

Graham Geraghty
Darren Fay

Kerry were All-Ireland winners in 1997, do you remember who this Kingdom star is?

Seamus Moynihan
William Kirby

Eamonn Breen
Pa Laide

Sam Maguire went back to Galway in 1998, can you remember this talented footballer from that side?

Ja Fallon
Michael Donellan

Seán Óg de Paor
Derek Savage

Meath won out once again in 1999, but do you remember this Royal County star?

Mark O'Reilly
Paddy Reynolds

Nigel Nestor
Ollie Murphy

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