R-Truth defended the WWE 24/7 Championship on the June 4 edition of SmackDown Live. The champ was frustrated with his title run, because he’s literally been running for his life thanks to the 24/7 rule.

So Shane McMahon granted Truth a legitimate title defense against Elias, under regular rules. But he neglected to tell R-Truth that the bout would be a Lumberjack Match. However those lumberjacks did not get involved until after Truth quickly lost the title to Elias.

As soon as that happened, the 24/7 rule kicked back into effect, leaving Elias with a ring full of bloodthirsty Superstars. But Elias managed to escape under the ring, where he was followed by Truth. Truth then pinned Elias under the ring to become the four-time 24/7 champion.

R-Truth first won the 24/7 title on May 20, which means he’s averaging just over one championship win per week. At this rate, it would only take him around 13 more weeks before he breaks Ric Flair’s world title record with 17 championships. As crazy as that sounds, anything is possible with this title.

Many fans are indeed entertained by the 24/7 title. But the real credit obviously goes to R-Truth, who always makes it fun every time he’s in the ring.

.@RonKillings lost the #247Title to @IAmEliasWWE and then won it back all within 10 minutes! #SDLive pic.twitter.com/ybHQh3gqB7

— WWE (@WWE) June 5, 2019

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