Championship leader Nico Rosberg believes the new rules limiting pit-to-car radio communication positively emphasizes the drivers’ role.

Criticism was directed towards the teams and drivers by fans and pundits in the past year as excessive radio information relayed to drivers was considered a form of ‘coaching’ which diminished the role and input of the latter.

Rosberg, who appreciates the restrictions, admits they complicate a driver’s job behind the wheel but that is exactly what Formula 1 needs: more driver independence.

“I like the direction because now we’re more on our own,” the Mercedes driver told Autosport.

“What’s more important now is the pre-race preparation where we work more intensely together through all these different things [my engineer] can’t tell me in the race.

“There’s more focus on that. It’s more intense and complex.

Rosberg also underlined the fact that more autonomy handed to the drivers would provide a welcome boost to their reputation

“In the race it’s good. We’re out there, we get the job done ourselves and it’s a real challenge, I like it.

“To everybody at home who said that we looked like ‘muppets’ directed by our engineers on radio, that’s stopped now so it’s a good direction.”

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