RAW this week starts with Lilian announcing Vicki – the light come up and Vicki’s standing in the ring. She says she’s so proud – through huge heat. Last night Edge won the WHC by beating Cena in a Last Man Standing Match. However as the GM of RAW, it’s her honor to introduce the new WWE Champion, Randy Orton. Orton’s music and he comes out – very slowly – with the belt over his shoulder and Legacy in tow. His music is so loud you can’t hear the fans much, but many people seem to just be standing until he posed on the corner to mixed reactions. Orton is very mechanical posing on the corners, the whole time the music runs and both Legacy and Vicki watch him. Finally, after all four corners the music ends and there’s huge heat on Orton. “You suck” chants. Orton looks around at the fans then says the McMahon family is mourning, all of them. Their last hope, their protector, their Champion – has fallen. Last night after five long years he beat HHH – this got huge heat from the fans. He didn’t just pin HHH, he beat him. He beat him in the skull as hard as he could and put him out. Just like he said he was going to do. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. No other superstar can say that and neither can any of the fans. All the people in the arena and at home are exactly the same. Those in their 20’s and younger hope for big things and huge success. But in the end they will all amount to nothing. Those in their 30’s and older, chances are they already are nothing. “You suck” chants. But not him. He’s a success! He has made history! He has created a legacy that’s resulted in the destruction of the entire McMahon family. Video of the feud staring with Vince almost firing Orton and getting punted for ti. Then Shane got punted. Legacy cuffed HHH to the top rope and Steph ate a DDT through the ropes in front of him. Orton kissed Steph while she was knocked out and then took the sledge to HHH. Last night an RKO to HHH followed by the punt to end it all. Huge heat from the fans for the video and Orton posed on a corner with the strap again. Vicki said she’s excited that he’s on her show as the WWE Champion and she’s happy to announce his first defense in 3 weeks at Judgement Day. His opponent will be chosen tonight in a match between Big Show and Batista. She congratulates Orton, but then he takes the mic back. He say to the fans they have to know something, he’s all they have left. They don’t have to like him, but they have to respect him. That goes for everyone out back too. Vicki might be the GM, but they all answer to him. He’s in charge and if they don’t do as he says the same as what happened to HHH will happen to them. Doesn’t matter if they’ve been there ten days or if… MVP’s music and he comes out with a grin and acts all cocky. On the top of the ramp MVP introduces himself and the fans are hugely behind him. He says what Orton’s done is extremely impressive. MVP is the US Champion and answers to nobody! Ted takes a mic… “MVP” chants. He says he knows MVP’s new to RAW, but he doesn’t seem to be too bright. Unless he doesn’t want his first night on RAW to be the worst night of his life, he should bring himself out of there. MVP tells Ted that Orton didn’t give him permission to speak. MVP then addresses Orton and says he doesn’t have a couple of Abercromie and Fitch models to speak for him, so he tells Orton that this isn’t a dictatorship and isn’t the Randy Orton show. He was drafted to Monday Night RAW and didn’t come here to be talked down too. He is the WWE Champion, but won’t be forever. If Batista or Big Show doesn’t beat him at JD, MVP will step up to do it himself. Cody grabs a mic and addresses Orton. He begs to make an example out of MVP, show what happens when you cross Legacy. Ted and Cody beat him down and Orton punts him. Orton paces the ring while the fans give more “MVP” chants. MVP smirks. Orton talks to Vicki who then announces a second main event. MVP will face Orton!

– Commercial

Cole and King talk about the record number of viewers. They go on to talk about how the show has changed. the two of them talk about who’s been drafted to RAW – HHH, Hornswoggle, The Brian Kendrick.

The Brian Kendrick to the ring and he berates Lilian for not announcing him as The Brian Kendrick. Kofi comes bouncing out to face Kendrick.

Kendrick on the offensive but after a kick to Kofi he tries to flee the ring briefly. Kofi face first into a second turnbuckle cover. Brian up top and hits a huge flying dropkick to Kofi’s face for two. Face/arm lock to Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi to his feet and sends Brian flying. A one footed dropkick to Brian’s face. Controlled frenzy from Kofi for two. Kick to Kofi for two. A couple of screwed up moves between them both and then Brian covers for two. Kofi hits and enziguri for three.

– Winner: Kofi

Kofi celebrates in the ring.

King and Cole talk about how compelling Backlash was last night. They talk about Edge and Cena’s match. They show stills of them on the stage and then Big Show came out. Big Show threw Cena into a search light. Cena couldn’t respond to the ten and so Edge won. King says they don’t know the condition of Cena. Cole says Cena might not be there tonight. King says Cena might not be around for a long time.

Vicki rushes in and hugs Big Show. She says she knows he did it for himself and is a professional. He thanks her for his match tonight. He tries to kiss her and she turns her head. She says from here on out things will be professional. He says she’s the boss and leaves.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Beth to the ring last night challenging Santina for her crown. Beth insulted the heck out of Kahli who took Beth down. Santina told Beth to ring the bell and Santina won the match. Her bra was ripped off and she ran off screaming and covering “her” tatas.

Santina to the ring for an 8 Diva Tag Match. Kelly comes out in red and pink to join the team. Brie comes out in a sparkly red two piece outfit. Mickie comes bouncing out in a gun metal grey two piece outfit. Maryse’s music and she comes out with Beth, Jillian and Rosa – as a team.

Santina is playing to the fans and ends up alone in the ring with Beth who chops her chest but Santina flees and tags in Brie. Brie is slammed down and punches to her head until the ref stops Beth. Jillian tags in. She tries for a flipping leg drop, but Brie moves. Rosa tags in but Brie flees the ring. She goes under the ring. Rosa picks up the skirt only to find Brie and Nikki stick their faces out and smile at her together. Rosa’s confused. Horney shows up between them and they each kiss him on the cheeks. He chases Rosa away then flees under the ring. He sets off a fire extinguisher from under there at Beth and Maryse. Santina rolls up Jillian for three.

– Winners – Santina, Mickie, Kelly & Brie

The faces celebrate in the ring taunting the heels on the ramp. Horney comes out and looks up Santina’s skirt as she dances on the apron. His jaw drops and looks freaked. Mickie reaches around and flips up Santina’s skirt. Santina turns around and she flips up the back of her skirt. Horney falls flat on his back in terror. He then bounces up and flees up the ramp through the heel Divas.

– Commercial

Cole and King again and they talk about the draft again. The talk about Mr. Kennedy being drafted to RAW. Also the Bella Twins and Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy comes out to the ring with his hand in a fresh cast protecting that broken hand. He looks sore all over. Stills of Matt taped and ropes to the table and begging Jeff for forgiveness. Matt the said ‘I quit’ but Jeff still drove Matt through a table with a leg drop. Matt’s in the ring sneering and getting heat from the fans. He says last night Jeff Hardy proved to him he’s nothing more than an insensitive heartless barbarian. As a result of that he suffered a broken hand. Matt says he didn’t quit and is not a quitter. He’s never quit anything in his entire life. But after Jeff broke his hand he had no other option! What did we expect him to do. Just like he has no option tonight, he’s being forced to wrestle. But he’s wrestling under protest – that last line Matt had tears in his voice! (Great acting!) Goldust comes out to face Matt.

Matt hides in the ropes in a corner to avoid Goldust. They dance around and Matt hides in the ropes again. Matt leaves the ring and screams about his hand. Goldust in the ring talking to the ref and Matt rushes back in. Matt uses the cast to the back of Goldust’s head. Goldust goes down and Matt covers for three.

– Winner: Matt

Orton out back heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Orton comes out to the ring with the strap over his shoulder and no Legacy in sight. MVP comes out with his strap around his waist.

They lock up and MVP is backed into a corner. Side headlock on MVP. MVP muscles out and gets an armlock on Orton. Orton reverses back into the side headlock. Orton trips MVP and applies a front facelock on the mat. Fireman carry takedown to MVP. There’s one or two really loud guy(s) yelling, “Let’s go Randy” and a larger bunch chanting back at him (them) “Randy sucks!” Hammerlock on MVP who reverses into an arm drag and arm bar on Orton. Orton gets out and punches the heck out of MVP. “MVP” chants. MVP blocks a punch and hits his own. Knees to Orton’s gut, then a high knee on Orton. Orton taken down for two. MVP slammed face first into a corner. Upper cut to MVP in a corner. Huge heat to Orton. Another upper cut to MVP. MVP is whipped but moves and proceeds to take Orton down with an arm hold. MVP is beaten down in a corner. MVP whipped but hits a drop toe hold to Orton so he eats a corner. A big boot to Orton in the corner and he flies over the top and hits the floor.

– Commercial

Headlock to MVP in the center of the ring. “MVP” chants. Video of Orton going over the top and he also hit his head on his way down to the floor. Orton still has MVP down on the mat. MVP starts to fight and finally elbows out. Back breaker to MVP for two. Orton locks on the headlock again. Suplex to Orton to get out of the hold. Both are down. They get up and exchange blows. A kick to Orton’s gut but Orton comes back with a back elbow. A throw that was similar to a belly to belly on Orton. Orton kicks MVP but MVP comes back with a face buster on Orton. Elbow drop to Orton for two. MVP is whipped, goes over Orton, tries to kick Orton and ends up flying over the top. Suddenly Shane is there beating the heck out of Orton with a kendo stick. To Orton’s back head and then his face. Shane climbs and flies to hit an elbow drop on Orton. Legacy runs out with chairs in hand, but Shane flees into the crowd. Orton and Legacy in the ring while Shane stand up by the boxes and taunts them. Orton hugs his belt, is pissed and is in pain.

– Commercial

Video of Shane just attacking Orton with a kendo stick, hitting the flying elbow and the fleeing through the crowd.

More still of Cena and Edge’s match from Backlash. Big Show showed up and sent Cena through a search light. Edge won the match. King anc Cole talk more about the draft. RAW got Big Show, Maryse, Chavo and The Miz.

The Miz comes out to the ring. Miz grabs a mic and says he’s the singe most valuable draft pick in the WWE. He says he’s a TV icon. He was on MTV for years and the face of the network. He was on ECW all last year. Google his name and he’ll have more hits than all of them. Paris Hilton, Hillary and Hayley Duff’s numbers are all in his phone and they have no idea who any of them are. He’s there to make and Impact. He’s going to take down the big stars on his very first night. He’s there to challenge Cena. He demands a ref. He then demands on again stronger. He knows Cena was in a Last Man Standing Match last night, but Cena isn’t one to let people down. Cena needs to step up to the plate. Miz is going to make a name for himself tonight on RAW. Cena’s music and out comes… No one. Heat from the fans. Miz asks if Cena’s scared of him. Is he going to run and hide or face him like a man? What does he have to do to get Cena in the ring? Belittle him? Miz starts with Cena’s ‘You can’t see me!” Miz says he can’t see Cena. Huge “Cena” chants – mostly women and kids. Miz says he’s right, he can’t see Cena as his movies aren’t in theaters long enough. The fans gave an “Oh!” over that one! Miz does Cena’s hand movement. Miz says he’s sick and tired of seeing the same superstar in the main event week after week, month after month, year after year. Miz is on RAW to grab the brass ring. He challenged Cena, Cena didn’t show so Miz wins by forfeit. That means Miz one and Cena zero. He demands Lilian announce him the winner by forfeit. She doesn’t and he leaves the ring to get in her face about it. He announces it himself because she won’t. The fans give him huge heat.

– Commercial

Video and stills of the European Tour.

Carlito and Primo come out to the ring adorned in all four belts. Chavo and a semi-bald Jamie Noble are already in the ring.

Chavo and Carlito lock up. Arm bar on Carlito. Jamie cheers on Chavo and it’s easily heard on the TV. Snap mare to Carlito. Chavo rushed Carlito who rolled back, but his feet up and sent Chavo flying over. The problem was that someone didn’t hit it right, Chavo slid on Carlito’s soles and Chavo almost landed very badly – but luckily didn’t. Primo tagged in. Carlito hit a drop toe hold on Chavo and Primo slammed down on him. Noble rushed in but was tossed out quickly. Chavo back in and sent Primo out of the ring harshly. Noble attacked outside. Back in the ring Noble tagged in and covered for two. Headlock on Primo in the center of the ring. Primo reversed a suplex into a cover for two. Chavo tagging in, came over the top and took Primo down for two. Chavo whipped but hits a back elbow. Chavo went up and flew, but Primo hit a dropkick into a flying Chavo. Noble and Carlito in. Back body drop and spine buster on Noble for two. Carlito sent over the top and he lands on the apron. An elbow to Chavo and then hangs Noble up on the top rope. Carlito bounces from the apron to the top rope, across the corner to the opposite top rope and then he flies into the ring onto Noble! Carlito covers but Chavo pulls Carlito off. Primo rushes and flies onto Chavo. Noble tries a move but Carlito reverse into a back stabber for three.

– Winners: Primo & Carlito

Out back Josh Matthews asks Batista if he feels responsible for HHH losing his title. After quite a pause he says he feels for HHH, knows how he feels and will fight for HHH. He’s going to go out there, becomes number on contender and hurt Orton. He’s going to hurt Orton the way he hurt Batista, HHH and HHH’s family. Then he’s going to take away his most important thing – the WWE Championship.

– Commercial

Vicki comes out to the stage to huge heat. She says she has an announcement, but before she does, she reminds us of recent current events. Video of the McMahon/Orton feud. Same video as earlier. She says as a result of this and other events happening tonight, next week Orton will face Shane on RAW. Big Show’s music and he comes out, glances at Vicki and heads for the ring.

– Commercial

Big Show is dancing around the ring. Batista comes out to huge pop.

They lock up and Big Show pushes him off. They lock up and Batista’s backed into a corner. Headbutt to Batista who comes back punching. Kick to Big Show and he goes for the Batista bomb but Big Show pushes him off.

– Commercial

Batista is down on the mat. Big Show pulls him up, puts him in a corner and hits that huge chop. A shot to Batista’s body in the next corner and the next. Batista slammed to the mat. Batista battles back and a spear in a corner. Clubbing blow to Batista’s back and he goes down. Big Show stands on Batista. Big Show leaves the ring, grabs an arm and a leg and wrenches Batista around a ring post. “Batista” chants. Batista starts to fight back but Big Show gains the upper hand. Big Show gets Batista up and slams him down. Big Show slams down on Batista’s back. Big Show straddles Batista, grabs his neck and wrenches back. Big Show jumps and slams his legs down on the outsides of Batista’s body to slam him to the mat, twice. Kidney punch to Batista. Bear hug on Batista. Batista starts punching Big Show in the head. Rake to his eyes. Big Show rushes Batista in a corner, but Batista gets a foot up. Clotheslines to Big Show. Two didn’t drop Big Show, but a spinebuster did! Chokeslam to Batista. Batista rolls from the ring. Cena starts to stagger in from out back. A ref tries to stop him. Big Show starts up the ramp. Cena nods at Big Show. Suddenly Big Show runs back to the ring, but it’s too late, he’s counted out.

– Winner: Batista

Cena is staring at Big Show. Big Show is upset. Batista spears Big Show to the mat. Cena slightly smirks at Batista. Big Show glares, from his knees and holding the ropes, at Cena. Big Show makes it to his feet and they continue to stare. Big Show lets out a huge scream and yells, “You can’t hide!” at Cena. Video of Big Show realizing what’s going on, running for the ring and diving in. Then the spear from Batista. Big Show is still in the ring screaming.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
The Miz
Matt Hardy