This week’s RAW starts with video from last week Triple Threat Match for number one contender between Batista, Sheamus and Orton. Back and forth until Edge speared Orton, Batista got the three.

Music and pyro – the opening has changed to show the new members of RAW.

Tonight Orton will be on The Cutting Edge.

Batista’s music. He comes out in ring gear, all pumped up and full of ego. He glares at fans before going up the steps and into the ring, spotlights on him the whole way. He grabs a mic. When his music goes off he gets huge heat. He says last week he became number one contender, again! When he should be WWE Champion, again! You disagree? The fans do. Do any of you people even know what a Last Man Standing Match is? That’s what he thought, none of them know. So he’ll explain real slow, so even they can understand it. A Last Man Standing Match is, pay attention, pay attention, when you beat your opponent so brutally and so decisively that he’s not able to stand before the count of ten. Can you count to ten? That’s not what happened! He didn’t lose. He’ll show us! Video of Batista being duct taped to the post so he couldn’t stand. That was, by far… “Cena” chants stop him. That was, by far, the most embarrassing moment of John Cena’s career. He’s sorry, he takes that back. That was the most embarrassing moment of John Cena’s life. To stoop that low! Duct tape? You serious? That’s something Hornswoggle would do! He didn’t lose. Tonight there’s more games? A beat the clock match against Cena, the winner picks the stipulation for Over The Limit? His opponent is the Miz! How long could it take him to beat the Miz? Come on Miz! Batista calls him out. Out comes Sheamus. Sheamus says he wants to talk about pathetic? That’s Batista after his title match! Batista said he didn’t lose. Sheamus says he won his Extreme Rules Match. He did something Batista couldn’t do, he took out HHH. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the reason he doesn’t have a title match is that he took out the son in law. Maybe Cena’s not man enough to face him. Sheamus says he deserves the match, not him. He wants to face Batista one on one. Batista wins, Sheamus shuts his gob and walks away. Sheamus wins and he gets what’s rightfully his. Batista says Sheamus had his shot and blew it. He lost, Batista won. Sheamus says he wasn’t pinned. Batista yelled that Sheamus lost. Now go away as he has a match to win. In other words, get out of his ring. Sheamus says if Batista thinks for one second this is over, he’s wrong. He’ll be WWE Champion again, sooner than he thinks. Sheamus backs out and up the ramp. They both glare.

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Miz out to the ring in a purple shirt, black vest and tie, envelope in hand. Miz says he wishes he could face him, a match of the caliber he deserves. But the trauma to his face after being sucker punched by a walking sasquatch. He has a doctor’s note. The outside of the envelope says ‘doctor’s note’. He says he has a professional diagnosis that says he cannot compete. So he’ll have to find someone else to face in his little Beat The Clock Challenge. He has the best person, his NXT Rookie, Daniel Bryan. He comes out. Miz tells him to put up a fight, not to be pinned within 30 seconds. Bryan ripped the mic from his hands and said he’ll do one better, he’ll make Batista tap out. Miz smirks and leaves the ring.

Kick to Bryan and then he’s up, but Bryan goes down the other side and rolls up. Bryan gets a hold on Batista’s ankle. He got free and fled the ring to re-group. Batista slams him in a corner. Shoulders to his gut, then stomps Bryan in a corner. Batista tries to whip him but he goes up and over Batista, up on his back and a sleeper. Batista gets out and slams for two. Bryan whipped hard and lands on the mat. Bryan whipped to the other corner and lands. Whipped to a third corner but gets a foot up. Front facelock and his whole body in, but Batista slams him down to get out. Batista pins for two and holds his neck. Bryan sent flying from the ring. Back slam into the apron, then Batista rolls him back in. Huge clothesline but Bryan kicks out. 3:23 Bryan fights back with punches then a boot to the head. Bryan then runs into a bog boot for two. 4:00 Back kick to Batista and he locks on a sick arm bar! Then a crossface on top of the armbar! But Batista gets to the ropes. Bryan and stomps Batista and celebrates. Batista kicks his knee and then spears Bryan. Batista bomb and he pins Bryan for three.

– Winner: Batista 5:06

Another Batista bomb to Bryan, then left the ring. Cole says something about a ‘game Daniels Bryan’, but it really sounded like ‘gay Daniel Bryan’. Batista back in for a third Batista bomb. Video of the end of the match, Batista bomb.

Cena will be facing Jericho in his match.

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Video of the Triple Threat Match last night, Edge’s spear on Orton. Orton will be on The Cutting Edge.

Backstage Eve posing with her new belt. Wayne Brady comes in. they hug and talk each other up. Jillian then comes in and says if he goes to the ring she should sing his entrance music. He has her sing and he backs her out and closes curtains on her. Eve and Wayne talk a bit more. She turns back for her belt and it’s gone. Maryse hits her with the strap and then poses.

Edge talks about bit of video he wants to use. He’s told no to all he wants. Josh then asks if he thinks Orton will have physical retribution tonight. Edge says WWE is PG, but he’s Rated R. he won’t have anyone tell him what he can’t say. He’s starting tonight with Orton. Have to wait and see what Orton has to “say”.

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Ted DiBiase out to the ring with his father’s belt over his shoulder. Video of Ted trying to get R-Truth to be his Virgil last week, then denied it up and down. R-Truth then bitch slapped Ted for his implications. Ted says R-Truth, a guy from the streets would relish never having to worry about money. Sure he makes good money here, but what’s he going to do? He’s only got one song and it’s terrible. What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? He will hire an assistant and his first job will be to slap some sense into R-Truth. That’s what’s up. John Morrison comes out with his killer slo-mo entrance. He put glasses on a hot girl ala Bret Hart.

Ted on Morrison hard, but he fought back quickly. Ted holds the ropes and is clotheslined out. Morrison slingshots himself out onto Ted, but basically almost lands standing as he hits Ted. “This is awesome!” chants. Morrison back into the ring. Ted is counted out. The announcer starts to announce the winner but Morrison stops and says he doesn’t want his first match to end that way. He calls Ted back to the ring, but Ted leaves. Morrison says if he loses, he’ll be Ted’s Virgil. Ted turns and smirks. He starts back to the ring.

– Commercial

Ted has Morrison down on the mat, gets around his waist, forearms to his upper back and head. King explains who Virgil was to Ted DiBiase. Ted pins Morrison for two. Virgil wasn’t treated well. Morrison hung up top, Ted pinned for two. Knee to Morrison’s ribs for two. Punch to Morrison’s head. Ted grabs Morrison by the hair and pulls him up, but Morrison kicks Ted in the head. Both down. Ted up at four. Clotheslines to Ted. Ted whipped. Ted slams the ropes when Morrison tries to use them to fly. Ted pins for two. Morrison counters Ted’s finisher. Ted hit’s a scoop slam for two. Rights to Ted, but then Morrison hit’s a huge clothesline for two. Morrison reverses dream streets and pins Ted for three.

– Winner: John Morrison

Ted attacks Morrison from behind. Morrison taken down, then stomped and kicked, but R-Truth runs to the rescue. Ted flees. R-Truth’s music plays as he helps Morrison to his feet. Ted glares down at them.

Video of Bryan really giving Batista a workout in the ring earlier. Batista bomb ended it at 5:06.

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WWE Rewind – Jericho telling Big Show he should have listened to him. Big Show punches Jericho out and said he heard him.

Cena’s music and he comes out to lots of cheers from little kids for his Beat The Clock Challenge Match. Cena really works the crowd with poses as his music keeps playing. Jericho comes out in suit and tie – shocker. Up on stage Jericho says he’s not going to pull himself from the match using the same excuse Miz did, even though he also got hit by the 550 pound behemoth. He’s pulling himself because he’s beaten Cena so many times. He doesn’t need the ego boost of beating Cena again. He’s picked an opponent who’s been begging to beat Cena in front of all the troglodytes right here. Out comes Wade Barrett who Jericho introduces. He says he’s sculpted and transformed him from an NXT Rookie into s superstar. Cena’s not going to beat the clock. Barrett says Cena won’t beat him, period. Wade down to the ring.

They circle and Cena takes him down. Front facelock on Wade. Cena takes Wade over and pins for two. Cena scoops the leg out and pins Wade for another two. Snap mare on Wade fort wo. Cena gets Wade up but Jericho on the apron. Cena threw Wade out onto Jericho. Cena out and throws Wade in. Jericho grabs Cena. Jericho sent flying but Wade kicks Cena in the back of the head. Wade back out and on Cena. Jericho yells and Wade takes Cena back in and works him over. Jericho yells at Cole that Wade’s a machine and did he see that. Cole says he did. Cena whipped. Wade punches Cena and pins for two. Wade pulls Cena’s arms back, knee in the center of his back. Cena muscles out. Jericho yells that he taught Wade that. Cena muscles out but then runs into a big boot. Wade pins but Cena picks out. Wade’s pissed. Cena whipped and comes out into a backbreaker for two. Jericho yells at King about the time and he needs to talk about it. Knees to Cena’s back in the center of the ring. Three knees but then Cena grabs Wade’s arm and lock on the STF.

– Winner: Cena 0:27 left on the clock

Cena looks abused as his arm is raised. He says he’s not wasting time. He’s officially beaten the clock so he gets to pick the match at Over The Limit. Wade rushes Cena to distract. Then Sheamus in with a clothesline. Then a big boot to Cena’s head. “You suck!” chants to Sheamus. Sheamus glares and leaves the ring. Sheamus backs up the ramp with a smirk. Video of Sheamus’ attack on Cena, from many angles. Sheamus watched it on the tron, smiling, then backed up the ramp again.

– Commercial

Maryse’s music. She comes out in a raspberry red. Her usual posing as if she’s the most amazing thing on earth. The Bella Twins out to the ring. Nikki is the one competing.

They locked up, Maryse grabbed her by her hair, Nikki fought back slamming Maryse into the corner. Maryse fled and was faced with both Bellas. Back in the ring Maryse hit the French kiss (badly) for three.

– Winner: Maryse

Maryse wants to present her new photo shoot. Maryse, the sexiest of sexy. The pics are her posing with the strap over an unconscious Eve. She tells Eve she’s never seen her look so good. Eve runs to the ring, gets caught on the bottom rope sliding in. the ref caught Eve before she could get to a fleeing Maryse.

– Commercial

Fox and Gail Kim are ringside. Zack Ryder says he’s single because Rosa’s been traded. That’s why these ladies are ringside now. Last week he Zack attacked Primo, tonight’s he’ll do it again. Don’t make him act like one of those governors from Arizona and make him check Primo’s papers. Just get out there, woo, woo, woo. Wayne Brady is on the tron calling to Zack. If he wants to be impressive, he can think of no one but this man. Out comes Mark Henry, all smiles and back in red. He tells Fox and Kim, he has this.

Zack on Henry and is slammed, then again. A scoop slam on Zack. Henry rushed Zack in a corner, he moves. Zack after Henry’s knee, then flies and takes Henry down. Rough rider on Henry for two. Henry up and slams Zack into a corner. Head butt and then huge clothesline. Zack up, but gets away. Henry stops his punch, gets Zack up and hits his world’s strongest slam for three.

– Winner: Mark Henry

Video of the slam and the three. Henry out to see the Divas. They leave with Henry, one on each arm. He’s all smiles, so is Kim. Fox, not so much.

Jericho talks to Miz about being punched by Big Show. Miz said Big Show tried to take Miz’s money maker, his talk, from him. Jericho says he took Big Show back to prominence. They carried him for 26, then he knocks them out. Miz says there’s nothing they can do, he’s on SD! Jericho says he has an idea.

Video of Edge spearing Orton and costing him number one contendership.

– Commercial

Video promo for John Morrison.

Kozlov stares at Brady backstage. He’s not like Macgruber, he’ll give competition. Wayne starts talking but then Santino is there and he says he’s there as part of his family, the Brady Bunch. Wayne says there’s many reasons they can’t be in the Brady Bunch, starting with not white. Santino says how about his game show, Let’s Consummate A Deal. He and Kozlov could compete as they have good chemistry like Sandra Bullock and her creepy, cheating husbands, huh? Kozlov asks what Santino’s talking about. Regal comes in and says to ignore him, they have a match to prepare for. Santino asks why do they have a match? Wayne says he arrived before Santino did, he had no choice. You go Lando Calrissian on me. He was one of the seven viewers of that show, he saw it with his two eyes. Wayne says he’s from the House of Slytherin. Santino stomps and says, ‘Regal, Regal, Regal’ in a very Jan Brady sort of way (he was wearing a black ‘fro wig), and stomps off. Wayne asks to the other direction if he’s supposed to be Alice? The camera pans to show Goldust in all his glory wearing Alice’s dress and apron. Goldust asks, “Who’s Alice? I’m Goldust, witch!”

King and Cole talk about the rest of the Draft. RAW got Khali, Ezekiel Jackson and the Hart Dynasty, including Natalya.

Backstage the Hart Dynasty is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Slam Of The Week – Last Monday the Miz and Big Show defended their Unified Tag Team Championships against the Hart Dynasty with Bret Hart in their corner. The Hart Dynasty won the Tag Team Championships when Kidd locked on Bret Hart’s famous sharpshooter.

Miz and Jericho are at announce. Many nasty comments to Cole from both Miz and Jericho. The Hart Dynasty out to the ring, Natalya carries their Unified Tag Team Championship straps. In the ring already are Regal and Kozlov who are ready to fight. Miz says Big Show caused the loss, not him!

Regal on Kidd hard in the center of the ring. Kidd into the heel corner and kicks Regal in the head. Kozlov attacks Kidd sending him flying from the ring. Kozlov tags in and sends shoulders into Kidd’s gut as Jericho and Miz both rip on Big Show. They were both the better pert of both teams. Kozlov has Kidd up and slams him back. Kozlov, a boot on Kidd as Regal tags in. Kidd slams Regal back and double kicks him in the face. Smith gets the tag and takes down both Regal and Kozlov. Regal gets a cheap shot on Kidd but then gets taken down by Smith who ducks away from Regal’s attack. Smith locks on the sharpshooter and Regal quickly taps out.

– Winners: The Hart Dynasty

Miz rushes the ring to take down Smith. Smith takes Miz down and punches the heck out of him. Jericho in with a code breaker. On their feet, Jericho raises Miz’s hand. Miz pulls Smith up and hits his SCF. More congratulations between Jericho and Miz. They laugh together off to the side.

Video of Edge, again, spearing Orton last week.

– Commercial

Next week’s Special Guest host is Flavor Flav.

Justin announces Edge to the ring for The Cutting Edge. He comes out with his sunglasses on, back in full on heel mode. Edge says, like it or not, the most controversial superstar is back on RAW. I’m sure everyone wants an explanation. You don’t deserve one. Okay, you’ll get one. It’s so much fun to pull on your heartstrings. Goes back to the Royal Rumble. He was poised to be the white knight on SD! He was poised to beat Swagger and become Champion. Then Ted DiBiase wins a battle royal and he’s drafted to RAW. He had to start over on a brand new show. He was angry. Spearing Orton was an act of defiance, it was cathartic. He cost Orton the contendership, but he was the most talked about superstar on this or any brand. He’s getting ahead of himself, he should introduce… he’s cut off by strange music. Out comes Wayne Brady to the Deal Or No Deal music. Edge claps for him as he enters the ring. Handshake/hug between them. Edge says Orton can wait, here’s our guest host Wayne Brady. Edge asks how he’s doing. Wayne says he’s doing great. He’s been a big fan, grew up on WWE. Wayne says this is a lot of people to be in front of, here in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a lot of people, can he feel what it’s like to be in in Edge’s shoes. He gets up and says he came here tonight, not to challenge anyone, but to tell any other guest host who wants to come on RAW, all the people who’ve done it before, you’re not him. To any Mini Me’s, to Cheech and/or Chung, Bob Barker, this is his house tonight. Edge tells him to look into that camera. He tells Jacksonville to make some noise, then Orton’s music hits. Orton comes stalking out to the ring. Orton and Edge stare each other down. Then Orton looks at Brady. “Randy” chants. Wayne tries to step in and eats an RKO from Orton. Edge says Orton’s out to RKO him, but he has two reasons why. Last week Orton was wrong place, wrong time. Orton would have done it too. Last time Orton was on The Cutting Edge was years ago, but he remembers what happened. HUGE “RKO” chants! Edge says what happened was they became a tag team, they became Rated RKO. They dominated! They can do it again, only bigger and better. Cena and Batista will beat the pulp out of each other. Then they can swoop in for the bones, the real two man power trip. Who can stop them? Who will stop them? They stare off once more. Edge asks if he’s not feeling that? Too big a superstar to feel that? Last Monday he didn’t wake up planning on spearing him, but now he’s glad he did it. He did everything you’re supposed to do. He came back from an injury. He came up with a catch phrase for them to chant. But they didn’t fully accept him. Then there’s Orton who cares about no one but himself and these people support him. They chant RKO. “RKO” chants. Edge doesn’t get it. That he’s not World Champion right now is not fair. Everything he’s put into it, all up into smoke, that’s not fair. Drafter to RAW from a battle royal, that’s not fair. Orton has to listen to him! If he thinks that spear was anything. It was the tip of the iceberg. He’ll do it week after week after week until he’s an afterthought on the show. Is this registering? Say something! Say something! Say something. Orton goes for the RKO but is pushed off and eats a big boot. Edge throws someone out of the ring – I think the person trying to get in to check on Brady. Edge sets Orton up. Orton gets up slowly, holding his mouth. Finally he turns, Edge rushes, Orton hit’s the RKO. “Randy!” chants! Orton’s music plays as he stands looking around the ring at the carnage. Video of Wayne’s RKO, then from another angle. Edge in Orton’s face demanding he say something, then Edge pushing out of the RKO then the big boot. Orton’s RKO on Edge. Back to Orton standing in the center of the ring. The guy Edge threw out was in checking on Brady.

Biggest pop
Hart Dynasty
John Morrison

Biggest heat
Ted DiBiase