It was reported Sunday that Rey Mysterio is working through an injury to his rotator cuff. He suffered the injury while working the SmackDown brand’s most recent tour overseas. Doctors advised him not to fly due to an inner ear infection he was suffering from at the time but company officials asked him to work the tour anyway, assuring him that wouldn’t have to work any matches. However, he was asked to wrestle while on tour, and complied, only to suffer an injury to his rotator cuff. There was much acrimony over the circumstances that led to the injury, to the point that creative had no ideas for him when his feud with Alberto Del Rio conclude.

Company officials tried make things up to Mysterio by allowing him to handpick his next opponent, which turned out to be “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Current plans call for the storyline to continue through WrestleMania, with a likely encounter between the two.

Due to the injury, officials are limiting his in-ring work at television and pay-per-view events, as well as house shows. He’s contained in tag matches when he does work non-televised events. Mysterio is said to be hopeful that he can avoid surgery through rehabilitation.

*RARE* photo of Rey Mysterio flipping the bird ->

source: Pro Wrestling Torch