John Cena appeared on the NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy on Tuesday to promote his new movie, Sisters. Cena told Jimmy he’s doing a great job since taking over The Tonight Show. Fallon asked Cena if he has been relaxing during his time off from WWE. Cena says he’s actually been keeping extremely busy with his new show American Grit.

Cena talked about getting into weight training when he was 12 years after being encouraged by his grandfather. Cena said lifting weights built his confidence and eventually he got into bodybuilding competitions. Fallon joked that their lives were so similar. Fallon showed a photo of a 21-year-old Cena at a bodybuilding competition and Cena joked how he’s still taking his clothes off and getting oiled up for a living. Cena hyped the movie Sisters and Fallon complimented him for his work in Trainwreck.

Cena wound up singing a verse from Adele’s “Hello” with the wrong lyrics and gave an Attitude Adjustment to an actor portraying his “inner child.”

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining appearance and Cena seemed happy to be there.

VIDEOS: JOHN CENA On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (12/8)