The Saints and their fans are still reeling from the blown call in the NFC Championship, and one retiring Saint had a message for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell — break your silence.

Tight end Benjamin Watson, who is retiring after 14 seasons in the NFL, tweeted that the commissioner has an obligation to address this issue and “lead by example” because it was such an egregious call.

“Commissioner Goodell. We all realize that football is an imperfect game, played, coached and officiated by imperfect people, “Watson tweeted. “What occurred last Sunday in New Orleans though, was outside of that expected and accepted norm. Your continued silence on the matter is unbecoming of the position you hold, detrimental to the integrity of the game and disrespectful and dismissive to football fans everywhere.

“From the locker room to Park Ave, accountability is what makes our league great. Lead by example. We are waiting.”

The league still has not said anything publicly about Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman’s early hit on New Orleans receiver Tommylee Lewis in the final two minutes, which led to a Saints field goal and a Rams’ 26-23 comeback OT victory.

It is customary for Goodell to meet with the media the week of the Super Bowl to provide an update on the state of the NFL, and it will be interesting to see what his response will be to this big controversy.

Watson wasn’t the only one to criticize Goodell’s silence. Saints mayor Mayor LaToya Cantrell said Thursday she has sent Goodell a letter on behalf of the city about the missed call that likely cost the Saints the game.

Cantrell also said the letter expresses “our deep dismay” about the officiating and encourages Goodell “to break his silence and step up for what’s right.”

In addition, she says she supports Saints owner Gayle Benson’s fight to pursue changes to NFL policies. This comes on the heels of a New Orleans attorney on the behalf of Saints season ticket holders suing the league for the blown call.

When Goodell finally does speak on the matter, don’t expect it to satisfy Saints fans.

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