Rob Gronkowski could not even make it out of Tuesday’s Patriots parade unscathed.

Appearing on the “Tonight Show” on Wednesday with the Lombardi Trophy, the tight end revealed he was on the receiving end of a rouge beer can while riding on the duck boat.

“At one time we had literally there was five, you know those nipple shots, five of them were thrown at one time, and then there was five beers coming at one time, and everyone on the duck boat is juking them, we’re getting good practice in for next season, and next thing you know, I move back a little, just chilling, looking and pop, full beer can right to the face,” Gronkowski, 29, explained while showing off the cut to his face.

“I was bleeding all over on the parade, on the duck boat, then my dad, he’s blocking all the next shots, you can see him he’s karate-kicking a beer flying at me.”

Gronkowski, who shared a special moment with Tom Brady’s daughter during the festivities, appeared to have a fun time with girlfriend Camille Kostek. He was also spotted toting an expensive bottle of wine on the float.

Despite chatter of impending retirement, it seems “next season” is already on Gronkowski’s mind.

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