, Barillas creative director, commented on the new commercial featuring , American skier and Italian chef .

In May 2017, Federer signed a five-year deal with Barilla that is worth nearly $40 million according to Forbes. The latest advertisement has become very popular reaching millions of views on Facebook, YouTube, and all other social media.

We started working with Barilla a year ago – when they first signed Roger shooting a campaign where he had his first cooking lesson with Davide Oldani. It ended up being a really fun piece of work that had a huge number of views so the client challenged us to go bigger, bolder and more glamorous.

Basically, the perfect brief, Everitt told Ad Forum. Commenting on the ad strategy, he added: We came up with simple Italian truth: the true recipe for the good life is simple. And then we had fun writing ideas off of that strategy.

Thats why Barilla and Roger hijack a glamorous international gala with a masterful spaghetti puttanesca: to prove that a simple, perfect bowl of pasta can wow the most discerning guests on the biggest stage. And as the film concludes we all realise that the real party is always in the kitchen.

Once we had an idea that everyone loved we blew it up – developing scripts, working with Vogue Italia to hijack their fashion week party with Barilla pasta, dropping print ads into fashion magazines and shooting tonnes of super glamorous content for your social feeds.

About the future ads, Everitt added: Were currently just beginning the strategy process again, with some really fun briefs floating around. Whether Roger ends up being a chef? Who knows but we can guarantee well be doing something fun.

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