Roman Reigns is once again Universal champion.

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Reigns defeated The Fiend Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman in a triple threat match tonight to win the championship for a second time. 

Strowman jumped The Fiend before the bell rang and the two went back and forth with one another during most of the match, with Roman Reigns nowhere to be seen. A storyline throughout the show was that Reigns had still not signed the contract to compete in the match prior to the main event.

The climax had The Fiend giving Strowman a superplex that, upon impact, caused the ring to collapse. Roman Reigns then came out, Paul Heyman in tow, and signed the contract. He went to pin both men, who both kicked out. Reigns attacked Strowman with a steel chair and attempted to pin him for a nearfall.

The Fiend locked in the mandible claw, but Reigns low blowed the Fiend and hit the spear on Strowman to win the championship.

The Fiend won the Universal title last Sunday at SummerSlam, pinning Strowman to win the championship.