One Tom Brady was going to be denied Sunday night.

The real one did just fine, securing his sixth Super Bowl ring, but the one wearing his jersey and allegedly trying to masquerade as Mercedes-Benz Stadium security did not fare as well.

Video surfaced of a man trying to sneak his way into the Patriots’ locker room in the aftermath of their 13-3 Super Bowl LIII victory while wearing a security officer’s jacket. Actual security sniffed him out and stripped him of the jacket as they searched his alleged credentials. It is unclear whether the security jacket was authentic (and if so, how he happened upon it) or whether it was an imitation. While he was stopped before entering the locker room, it’s also unclear if he was arrested.

This incident comes two years after a security failure in Houston.  After the Patriots’ 2017 Super Bowl win over the Falcons, Brady’s jersey was stolen out of his locker. More than a month later, authorities found the culprit (and the jersey) in faux reporter Martin Mauricio Ortega.

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