Stars really do love their bodyguards; this is not just a plot from a movie. Selena Gomez was the bell of the ball in a long green dress with short green tassels at her bodyguard’s nuptials in Redlands, California on Friday.

But Gomez wasn’t just a guest at the ceremony. “I was thrilled, first off, ’cause she’s a badass,” she said of her friend’s new spouse.Second, because of how much you love her; it’s so special. I’m very honored to be here and to celebrate you both . . . God bless you guys. We will be praying for you, and thank you so much.”

The guests at the wedding seemed slightly starstruck to have a pop star in their midst. The younger guests in particular were all about that photographic evidence.

To be fair, Gomez has already had some practice with adoring fans at weddings. In February, she attended the wedding of her best friend Courtney Barry. Gomez might have gotten some good snaps of the wedding, but she didn’t post any on her social media. Instead, other guests were on it with the photo ops.

Like any good wedding guest, she got in on that photo booth action, too. She posed with her friends and made silly faces, which is a requirement of any wedding.

This was a winter wedding, though, so Gomez’s color scheme was black, instead of the light, spring look she chose on Friday. But there were beads on her dress, and what more do you really need?

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