SHINE Wrestling together with WWN (World Wrestling Network) recently held their SHINE 53 Event which emanated from The La Boom in Woodside, New York. The show was highlighted by a 8-Woman Tournament to crown a new SHINE Champion. Also on the card was a SHINE Tag Team Title Match between The Champions Twisted Sisterz (Holidead & Thunder Rosa) and The Challengers Cutie Pie Club (Dementia D’Rose & Kiera Hogan). Below are the full results from the show:
– Ivelisse def. Candy Cartwright by pinfall with an exploder suplex after a referee bump and Aja Perera ran in to stop Cartwright from using her SHINE Nova Championship Title Belt as a weapon (Shine Championship Tournament First Round Match).
– Allysin Kay def. Brandi Lauren by pinfall with a discus lariat (Shine Championship Tournament First Round Match). After the match, Lauren snaps Kay’s arm over the ropes.

– Mercedes Martinez def. Stormie Lee by submission with a Romero Special / Dragon sleeper combination (Shine Championship Tournament First Round Match).
– Santana Garrett def. Priscilla Kelly by pinfall with a small package (Shine Championship Tournament First Round Match).
– Mercedes Martinez def. Ivelisse by pinfall, reversing a headscissors octopus hold into a pinning predicament (Shine Championship Tournament Semifinal Match).
– Allysin Kay def. Santana Garrett by submission with an over-the-shoulder toehold (Shine Championship Tournament Semifinal Match).

– Twisted Sisterz (Holidead & Thunder Rosa) (c) def. Cutie Pie Club (Dementia D’Rose & Kiera Hogan) by pinfall with a diving double stomp from Rosa on Hogan to retain The SHINE Tag Team Titles.
– Allysin Kay def. Mercedes Martinez by submission with a deathlock toehold to win the vacant SHINE Championship (Tournament Finals). After the match, we get a display of good sportsmanship up to and including Martinez returning the pinkies up salute, but Ivelisse refuses, flipping a pair of rather different fingers at AK.

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