Tonight is the go-home show for everyone on Smackdown for the Super ShowDown in Jeddah this coming Friday. Unless you were born sans that Y chromosome because… well yea. Will that mean big things or a lot of teasers to come?

The wild card rule still being a thing, we will see Alexa Bliss crossing the brand stream to talk to SD champ, Bayley on Moments of Bliss. Will they revisit the muzzling of Bayley that Bliss did back in 2017. That was all centered around Bayley supposedly not being able to tap into her aggression to be able to overcome the feisty Bliss. Now with Bayley as the champ, will they circle back to that?

What else to expect:

Will Kofi and Ziggler butt heads again leading up to the Super ShowDown
The tag champs of Daniel Bryan and Rowan met up with Heavy Machinery last week. Will that weirdness continue?
The Intercontinental champion, Finn Balor was just there in video spirit last week, will he show before ShowDown?
Carmella and R-Truth are keeping the 24/7 belt funny and light, will that continue?
Goldberg will follow up last night’s Taker hype of their match in Jeddah.

The first words from Lars Sullivan should be entertaining as we see him leave the silent shadows.
What has you pumped for Smackdown?