IMPACT Wrestling recently held their latest set of TV Tapings from The Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Below are the full spoiler results from those tapings:
– Trey vs. Jake Lander. Trey wins with a top rope double knee press. Nothing overly eventful.
– “Unbreakable” Micheal Elgin makes his way down to the ring to a big ovation. Elgin says that it’s a time honored tradition to celebrate with his fans. Elgin then asks where Cage is & says that he put him in the hospital. Elgin then asks why The Canadian fans cheered for Cage. Elgin then says that the fans should be cheering for people like Wayne Gretzky, GSP & him. Elgin then claims that he left NJPW to take the title from Cage. Johnny Impact then arrives and calls Elgin another big muscle headed meathead with a tiny brain. Both Elgin & Impact try to take credit for putting Cage in the hospital and argue about who should be the next #1 Contender. LAX’s music plays & Konnan comes down. He says that LAX & The Lucha Brothers are familia and is represented by him and that Pentagon should be the next #1 Contender. Elgin then grabs Konnan and tells him before he leaves that he wants to send a message to Pentagon. Pentagon then comes down for the save and a brief brawl between the three ensues and ends with Elgin destroying the security guards and standing tall in the ring.
– Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams. Ace fakes a handshake earlier & transitions into a headlock. Ace wins with the Ace Crusher.
– Rosemary (w/ The Undead Maid Of Honor on a collar) vs. Kiera Hogan. Rosemary knocks Kiera off the ramp to the floor and Su Yung’s music plays. Yung & The Bridesmaids attack Rosemary for the DQ. Eventually The Undead Maid Of Honor is freed and they all outnumber Rosemary in the ring. Kiera recovers outside, but doesn’t help Rosemary and walks to the back as the crowd boos. The attack on Rosemary continues and Su got a Panic Switch to end it.
– Eddie Edwards vs. Fenix. Eddie twice tried to get “Kenny” but Fenix both times sneak-attacked him. Killer Kross comes out to watch at the top of the ramp. Kross creeps closer to the ring and grabs Kenny and appears to offer it to Eddie only to hold on to it as Eddie tries to pull it away. Eddie then turns around and is pinned. Kross leaves with Kenny.
– Former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam makes his way down to the ring next to a big ovation and “Welcome Back” chants starts up. He says that it is flattering to come back and to see that he was an inspiration as everyone uses his moves. “All Ego” Ethan Page introduces himself and he brings two chairs in the ring and invites him to sit down. RVD refuses. RVD then asks who he was again. Ethan asks if he ever has seen one of his matches. RVD says no. Ethan then says that he never respected RVD or took one of his moves. RVD has had enough and challenges Ethan to a match, who backs down and says next week. Page then tries to attack RVD with one of the chairs but RVD kicks him in the face leaving him down.
– #1 Contender’s Match for The IMPACT Wrestling World Title: Johnny Impact vs. Micheal Elgin vs. Pentagon Jr. Elgin wins with a huge lariat, BuckleBomb, and The Elgin Bomb on Johnny. Excellent match. Pentagon is helped to the back by two referees.
– Non-Title Tag Team Match: Moose & “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander vs. LAX w/Konnan. LAX pull out the victory. Another solid match.
– Tessa Blanchard makes her way down to ringside to join Don & Josh on commentary. Taya Valkyrie vs. Madison Rayne. Taya first throws her robe at Don for some reason before the start. Madison is wearing a weird looking long, puffy black dress. Taya toys with Rayne early completely dominating and says that Madison has to earn a title match. Taya keeps talking crap all match long, but Madison applies a half Boston Crab and Taya tapped out quickly.
– Killer Kross vs. Tyson Dux. Kross dominated the match and gets the submission victory with The KrossJacket.
– Jordynne Grace vs. Alexa Nicole. Grace toys with Nicole with a Jackhammer and a mini-Cesaro Swing (4 Rotations) before mercifully ending it with The Grace-Driver.
– Gama Singh makes his way down to the ring next and calls Toronto a great city, but not as good as London, Paris & Tokyo and follows that up by saying The Leafs are good, but not as good as The Bruins to a big heat. He then introduces The Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh), who will face The Deeners (Cody & Jake), Brett Banks & Aiden Prince and The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz). Rohit rolls up Cousin Jake for the surprising win.
– “All Ego” Ethan Page (w/ Josh Alexander) vs. RVD. Lots of “undetected” outside interference from Alexander. RVD eventually wins with a Five Star Frogsplash.
– Main Event 8-Man Tag Team Match: X-Division Champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Fallah Bahh (w/ Scarlett Boudreaux) & Tommy Dreamer vs. OVE (Dave & Crist, Madman Fulton & Sami Callihan) in a NO-DQ match. All kinds of weapons used here: a huge ladder, trash cans, frying pans and chairs. Bahh gets power-bombed by Fulton through two upright chairs and then is double-stomped by Dave with a chair wrapped in barbed wire, but Bahh kicks out. Legos are introduced and Tommy hits a Double DDT onto Jake & Sami onto the Legos. Sami eventually gets a piledriver onto Willie to win for OVE. Great match.